Sunday, September 26, 2010

Are You Reaching Collectors?

Collectors don't just accumulate old (or old-ish) stuff. There are collectors of newer ACEOs, pottery, photography and jewellery. And aren't those stashes of yarn and fabric, ties and handbags and sweaters all collections too?

What does it take to reach collectors? All the usual Etsy requirements are there of course: great photos, appropriate tags, titles and descriptions, being in the right category, and effective promotion. In addition, some facts may be especially important to potential buyers. Exact size (with all dimensions, shown in both metric and imperial), provenance, close-up photo of any maker's marks on the piece, as well as a record of any damage, however slight.

20 Questions Your Buyers Are Asking is a handy checklist to be sure you're making that buying decision easier for your potential buyers, whether or not they're collectors.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Meet Chat Regular jannio

One of our Chat regulars, the team that makes up jannio, visits the Etsy rooms from France, and their creative hats, scarves and bags are always a joy to see when they stop by.