Monday, December 28, 2009

What's in your camera bag?

We've talked about it in Chat, and the question has come up in Virtual Labs too: what's the best camera for taking Etsy photos?
Whether you use a top-of-the-line digital SLR, or an affordable point-and-shoot, there seems to be a camera in every price range to do the job, and do it well. In general, good choices include features such as: macro or close-up option (that little flower symbol), white balance control, and 5 or more mega pixels.

What about other photo-improving hardware and software? Do you have a favourite freestanding photo editing application, or a free online editor you like to use? Is a tripod or lightbox a must for you, or do you get by just fine resting your camera on a stack of books?

What do you use and recommend for Etsy pics? To share your insights, please post a Comment (with your shop name too, if it's different from your blogging name) and your:
• Camera brand and model number
• Its approximate price range
• What you love about your camera
• What features or specs you'd like to improve
• Software or accessories you recommend
• URL of the best photo in your shop.

Images from NanLawson's and vantiani's shops, thanks!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rearrange Your Shop, Beautifully

One of the cooler new features introduced to Etsy sellers in 2009 was Rearrange Your Shop, a practical way to shuffle the items in a shop to whatever order works best for you - not just always having the newest listing at the top. More about how to use the feature, in this Storque article.

Here's an example by an Etsy shopkeeper, terrygraziano, who has done something different when she rearranged, and the effect is fabulous! Okay, not everyone will want to spring for three listings for one lower-priced item, but for these fashion pieces, it does such a good job of showing the flexible designs of her hats. Another smart touch: her item titles are different for each listing, making the most of their search potential. And of course she has a consistent and cohesive look, with great photos.

How have you used Rearrange Your Shop to make it work for you? Rearranged by colour? Price? Season? Category? Some other approach? Please tell us in Comments what you've done (and as always, please sign with your shop name too if it's different from your blog name, so we can find you).

Judith / jswrites

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Starring Etsy Chatters

Team members and Chat regulars don't just show up in Etsy chat, they're stars of Treasuries and the Front Page, candidates in Etsy voting, and featured on Martha Stewart's site too!
somavenus' recycled books made it to a Martha Stewart gift guide
thelittlereddoor, mooshoopork, and other chatters live on the FP!
spacejam is in the Fave Holiday Gift for Her gift guide vote.

Use the Comments to let us know where your work is celebrated (and how you made it happen!). Of course if you make a Treasury of all chatters, please send a convo so it can be featured here too.