Tuesday, June 30, 2009

want FREE shipping in July?

MountainManCreations Is offering FREE SHIPPING IN JULY, to Chat Team members only!

MAke sure in the notes to seller, you put in there "Chat Team Member, Free July Shipping!!" (This way he knows it it you!!!)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Meet theframedfrog !!

1. Who is The Framed Frog?
Hi, I'm Jeanette. When I taught junior high, my students called me Mrs. "Frogster" because of my obsession with frogs. After having three kids in three years, I switched to staying at home with the tadpoles and eventually started my home art business at the ripe old age of 29ish. Despite my froggilicious name, I have yet to put a froggy item in my shop!

2. What kind of crafting/art do you do? How long have you been doing it?
I paint mostly, detailing photo frames and doing original canvas designs as well. I pretty much paint anything that is paintable. :) And I guess I've been doing art for a long time but only for the past four months or so as a profitable business.

3. Where do you pull your inspiration from?
I am inspired by the daily antics of my kiddies,my friends, and the intensely gorgeous scenery here in Oregon. I also get inspired by quotes and blogs and even TV shows sometimes. My nerdy hubby was the one that inspired the Guitar Hero and Ninja frames, of course. Awesome color combinations can really help me create sometimes too.

4. What is your favorite medium?
I would have to say currently, it's my acrylic paints. Lots and lots of color and texture! And I've been teaching my toddlers to use paints also. The 2-year-old is fantastic at painting couches, tables, and everything else he is not supposed to1 (Including a finished painting for a customer that I ended up having to redo!)

5. Is Etsy your art your full time job, or just an on the side project?
Right now, it's a part-time job, since a 3-year-old, 2-year-old, and a 10-month-old take up a LOT of my time! I am hoping to continue to grow my business so that when the little angels are in school, I will be able to make it my full-time occupation.

6. How did you find Etsy?
Through the blogosphere. I saw the Etsy buttons on several of the blogs I follow and so I decided it would be the best way to test how my art would do selling on the internet.

7. How did you become ADDICTED to Etsy CHAT?
Am I addicted? Okay, yep, I probably am. Once I discovered the chat features on the Etsy site, I quickly realized that this was a way for me to have adult conversation during the day. Instead of bottling it all up and unleashing it on poor hubby at the end of the day, I could get my release in chat and be a somewhat normal and sane person when he got home. Believe me, he's a thankful man! :) I also loved the bond that can be forged with other creative people. I am pretty loyal to my fellow chatters - always looking for the treasuries that they have created and choosing their shops for my purchases.

8. What is your favorite piece that you have done?
Every time I finish a piece, I think that it is my new favorite! :) Right now, it would probably be my Horatio painting. He's just adorable and was a lot of fun to create.

9. What is your favorite Etsy shop (other than yours)?
I went to my favorite shop list and like many of you, it is a mile long! It depends on the item for sure. For jewelry, lately I am particularly fond of Sea Unicorn's shop. White Hope Designs has the most adorable handbags, and I am hoping to spend some money on the kiddies at Oh Bananas and Ummashin's shop. And then there are so many talented artists on Etsy - once I start bringing in more money, I am hoping to have an "Etsy Art Wall" in my home to feature all of my talented friends!

10.Tips for other Artists?
I think the best thing is not to create because you think it will sell. Create because it is something you love and want to make. Also, keep your style distinctive. I love when I see an art piece and know immediately that it is zeropumpkin's because of its quirky and slightly dark style. :)

11.Tell me a Secret about yourself.
I do my best work while watching TV reality shows. Seriously. Many paintings and cute frames were created during America's Next Top Model and The Bachelor. That's how fried my brain cells are, folks!

12. Any parting words of wisdom
Not really. I have a hard time even calling myself an artist, so it feels strange to be giving advice or wisdom to others. It is my relationship with Christ that helps me to be a better wife, mom, and artist. I write about it often at my blog entitled Temporary Insanity (http://jfrogster.blogspot.com)

Theframedfrog is offering one lucky winner a $25.00 credit to her store. They can use it to buy whatever they like (up to $25 including shipping, or use it towards a larger purchase!!)

How do you enter??

1 entry: go to www.theframedfrog.etsy.com and pick your fav item. Come back here and leave a comment on what it is!! (required)

1 entry: TWEET this giveaway and post a link to the tweet here.

1 entry: Blog this giveaway and post a link in your comment here

1 entry: follow the blog, and comment here.

1 entry: follow theframedfrog 's blog and comment here.

2 entries: buy an item from theframedfrog.etsy.com and leave a comment here with a link to the transaction (TWICE)

tat is 7 possible entries!!

Calling all Chatters Team Members!!


It has been a while since I posted much in the blog.

It is rare that we have all the chatters in the rooms at one time. We are all busy gals and guys!So, I have an idea... instead of a meeting...we will use the BLOG!!

The basics...

Leave a message here regarding your idea for a team wide promo. Give the basic outline of the idea (yard sale, giveaway, team baskets, etc...) In one week I will go through the ideas and make a poll. THEN, the team can vote on the next promo we will do!!

All new team members, Thanks for joining us!! We aill soon become more active..

I am sending a new email to Etsy Admin to have all the newbies added at weeks end as well. So, also post here if you do not see your name yet in the side bar to the right on the BLOG!!


Saturday, June 27, 2009

And the winner of DukDesigns handbag is....

choconut said...
I like the Gardens Royale Handbag

June 20, 2009 3:09 PM

Please email me at:
Jupitadesigns@yahoo.com with your mailing address, so that DUKDESIGNS can send you your prize!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

DukDesigns is AWESOME!! Come see why...

1. Who is dukdesigns? Heather Wayne is the owner-operator of DuK Designs. Specializing in designing handbags and backpacks, Heather expresses her creative side through designing different bags with a bit of engineering skills, color coordinating, and imaginative exploration... no patterns!

2. What kind of crafting/art do you do? I love my sewing machine! If it involves fabric and thread, I am in! How long have you been doing it? I learned the beginner skills of quilting and sewing when I was a young girl. However, it wasn't until after graduating college that I took the time to grow my skills and dedicate time to sewing. While job-hunting I needed something to invest my time and energy. I bought a brand new sewing machine and started creating bags.

3. Where do you pull your inspiration from? I love fabrics and draw inspiration from the beautiful variety of different fabric designs and colors! I can spend hours in the sewing store and online, pulling together fabrics, colors, and gathering ideas for new designs.

4. What is your favorite medium? Purse design.

5. Is Etsy your art your full time job, or just an on the side project? It started out as my full-time job, and I remained dedicated to my Etsy shop on a 50 hour work week schedule for 8 months. Recently, however, I was offered a full-time job in my field of study (Human Services), and I now work my Etsy shop part-time. But my love and passion for designing is definitely more than a hobby to me! I am whole-heartly dedicated to it!

6. How did you find Etsy? A close friend of mine saw the bags that I had created and told me I needed to check out Etsy. The rest is history!

7. How did you become ADDICTED to Etsy CHAT? I first started joining chat as a way to promote my shop. After getting to know many Etsy regulars, it became more of a daily socializing ritual for me! I have gotten to meet so many awesome people online through Etsy. Now if I don't get my daily Etsy chat time, the day is just not the same!

8. What is your favorite piece that you have done? I created a "Skulls and Roses" handbag, which I was totally impressed with. The skulls theme is not something I would personally consider “my style,” however, once it was completed, I was IN LOVE with the bag! The colors of red and black, and the goldish rings I used all pulled this bag together so perfectly. It was really a piece of art to me... and one hot lookin' bag!

9. What is your favorite Etsy shop (other than yours)? Oooh that's tough because I have several close Etsy friends who all have awesome shops!

10.Tips for other Artists? If you are ever faced with a time where you lack creative inspiration or motivation, go back to the roots of when you first fell in love with your art and draw upon that passion.

11. Tell me a Secret about yourself. I am an avid NASCAR fan. Only my close friends know that about me, and if I tell people that I love NASCAR, they seemed surprised. I guess because it’s not the most girly sport in the world. But I have been around racing my whole life, so it’s in my blood.

12. Any parting words of wisdom? Questions? Comments. Do what you love and love what you do. And don't ever sell yourself short! Don't mark your product down in price because you are anxious for a sale. When the right buyer comes along, they will pay you what you say it is worth! And you deserve the compensation for your hard work!

DukDesigns is giving away a "Lotus Dreams in Blue Handbag" to one lucky winner!!
How do you enter to win? SIMPLE....

1 Entry: go to www.dukdesigns.etsy.com and pick your favorite item, then come back here and tell us what it is! (required)

1 Entry: Twitter this Blog post AND DukDesigns.Etsy.Com, Leave a link here to the twit and get another entry.

1 Entry: BLOG about this Giveaway and DukDesigns, leave comment here with a link.

2 Entries: Purchase an Item from Dukdesigns.etsy.com, post a link to the transaction here, and get TWO more entries..

1 Entry: Follow this blog, leave a post here to let us know you follow.

SO, 6 entries in all!!

HAve fun!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chat Room Treasury

owlonthesill has put together a delightful Treasury featuring Chat Room regulars. It expires Friday morning (11:37 Etsy time), but for now, click here to go to the Treasury.

Congratulations, all you talented Chatters! Please convo Jupita or jswrites when you make a Treasury focused on Chat Room regulars - we'd love to include it in the Team blog.

Judith / jswrites

Friday, June 5, 2009

Chat Team Meeting....

Chat Team Meeting tonight has been postponed. Sorry for the inconvienience.

I have a request:

1. Convo me with your three avaiable time/date combos when you would be most likely to be able to attend a meeting in chat. I will look over them all, and find the time that the most chatters are available. Example: Wed 9pm EST; Friday 10pm EST; Sunday 3pm EST

2. Could everyone CONVO me their ideas for the next few promos:


2kute and JSwrites have a great idea for a sidewalk sale (we all need to figure out time/week/ etc and then we can all run with it.) Jswrites and 2kute, can you convo me all the information about the sidewalk sale?

Sampler Etsy Chatters Team bags?


Send me your ideas..

Meet cuddlycuties!!!

1. Who is cuddlycuties?
Cuddlycuties is the product of two friends who love to sew and together got drawn in by the wonderful world of machine embroidery. The things you see in Cuddlycuties' shop today are made by Dawn. Shannon is the second member of Cuddlycuties, and she contributes more to the shop in the way of fulfilling custom requests.

2. What kind of crafting/art do you do? How long have you been doing it?
I have been sewing for more years than I care to count, definitely more than 25. Machine embroidery came into my life just over a year ago. I also do knitting, and many other crafts. My grandmother taught me to knit when I was about 5 years old, so I've been knitting for around 30 years now.

3. Where do you pull your inspiration from?
I get most of my inspiration from my son. I start with things I loved to have when he was a baby, and add in things I wish I had then. Other inspiration just comes from life. I will get an idea of something that would make my life easier, and usually end up thinking "I could make that!"

4. What is your favorite medium?
I love natural fabrics for sewing and knitting. I am currently in love with embroidery though, so I have expanded my horizons to include it in my favorites.

5. Is Etsy your art your full time job, or just an on the side project?
My time with my son is my full time job, but I would like to make Etsy into a full time venture as well.

6. How did you find Etsy?
My aunt called me one day and told me about this website she had read about in a magazine, and I checked it out that same day. Signed up that day, and then started formulating a plan to make a go of it.

7. How did you become ADDICTED to Etsy CHAT?
I decided one day to see what Etsy chat was all about, and I've been hooked ever since.

8. What is your favorite piece that you have done?
I have a hard time picking a favorite piece. They all have different things I love about them.

9. What is your favorite Etsy shop (other than yours)?
For someone who hates picking favorites of anything (I still don't have a favorite color!), this is a difficult question. Today my favorite shop is Heathens Hearth. I absolutely adore their soap.

10.Tips for other Artists?
Do the art you love the most. In the end, whether you make a profit or not is not important. It's if you enjoyed the labor that went into the pieces you made.

11.Tell me a Secret about yourself.
I'm terrible at keeping secrets, so I don't think there are any left!

12. Any parting words of wisdom?
Don't give up! The more difficult the road to success, the more rewarding in the end.

and now..

Cuddlycuties will be giving away a market tote embroidered with the winning shop's information.! How fun would that be to have?!! You can have something functional, eco friendly and ADVERTISE your shop! awesome.

All you have to do is go to: CUDDLYCUTIES etsy shop then....

1. pick your favorite item. Come back here and leave a comment on what your fav item is. (for 1 entry)

2. FOLLOW the chatters team blog and comment here (for 1 entry)

3. Purchase something from Cuddlycuties, come back here and comment TWICE leaving the link to your transaction page here. (for 2 entries)

Winner will be chosen by random number generator in one week (Friday June 12).

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another Chat Team Treasury

I was lucky enough to snag a treasury this morning and I filled it with wonderful Chat Team pretties! Click on the photo to go to the treasury :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chat Team Treasury.. By Miasophia.. In GREEN!

So, all you chat teamers!! When you nab a treasury and make one with the Chat Team members, take a screen shot, and convo me the lovelies (Jupita).

We would all love to see the Chat Team Love!