Thursday, March 17, 2011

Meet Team Member hjmart

Artist and Chat Team member hjmart is a great example for artists and other sellers. Check out her listings to see how she:

Photographs 2D Artwork - showing her work in room settings and with customer-friendly angles.

Broadens the Target Audience with Tiered Product Lines - originals, prints, collages, tags and gift certificates. With products and prices from $5 to $259, there's something for every buyer.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fun and useful apps for Etsians

If you've ever used Craftopolis to batch edit your listings, or put EtsyHacks to work downloading shop data in your choice of format, or maybe tracked item views and hearts with CraftCult, you've seen apps for Etsy in action.

While these three are some of the best known apps using the Etsy API (Application Programming Interface), they're just the tip of the app iceberg! Smart developers have used the Etsy API to create dozens of apps for sellers, buyers and mobile devices.

See the ever-growing list here, and please add your personal apps recommendations in the Comments.

Images of critter USB drives from chatter hemingwayfun, thanks!