Monday, December 28, 2009

What's in your camera bag?

We've talked about it in Chat, and the question has come up in Virtual Labs too: what's the best camera for taking Etsy photos?
Whether you use a top-of-the-line digital SLR, or an affordable point-and-shoot, there seems to be a camera in every price range to do the job, and do it well. In general, good choices include features such as: macro or close-up option (that little flower symbol), white balance control, and 5 or more mega pixels.

What about other photo-improving hardware and software? Do you have a favourite freestanding photo editing application, or a free online editor you like to use? Is a tripod or lightbox a must for you, or do you get by just fine resting your camera on a stack of books?

What do you use and recommend for Etsy pics? To share your insights, please post a Comment (with your shop name too, if it's different from your blogging name) and your:
• Camera brand and model number
• Its approximate price range
• What you love about your camera
• What features or specs you'd like to improve
• Software or accessories you recommend
• URL of the best photo in your shop.

Images from NanLawson's and vantiani's shops, thanks!


  1. Hi there! tennyoceres from the Ink & Paper House of tennyoceres ( and here is my current point-and-shoot camera specs:

    Canon PowerShot SD770IS ELPH
    $264.89 as of today
    I love that it is super slim. It fits in jean pockets and clutches. Very lightweight and has withstood rough handling by small children.
    The drawback is this camera hates low light and dark areas. I have to be sure there's always enough lighting. The built-in flash may wash out colors depending on how close an object is to the lens.

    If you can't pony up for Photoshop, I recommend GIMP, a free image program that does lighting and level adjustments just as well as PS. If you just need some quick resizing, Infranview is the way to go.

    Best image (so far =D):

  2. I just got a Canon PowerShot SX 120 IS for Christmas. So far, I love it! I think hubby got it at Wal-Mart, where I think it was about $199.

    The macro shots are awesome, the action shots I took of my kids outside have been fantastic, and it's got 10x optical zoom. I wuvvers my camera!

    I use Photoscape, which is free software, to edit my photos. I love it - it's got just enough goodies on it to play with, and it didn't cost $600!

    Best photo in my shop:

  3. I have a Sony DSC-H10, it ran about $250 and I absolutely love it. My last camera was a Sony Mavica and it was great to. The photos are clean, crisp and detailed and I don't feel like they get washed out by the sunlight which was a huge problem I had with my original replacement for the Mavica. I am still learning by far and don't always get that "perfect shot" That's just to be expected. However, I learned that some colors I generally have issues with are fine once I alter settings manually. Easy to use manual adjustments are a must have in addition to macro because the camera's auto settings will not always be best.


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