Friday, February 5, 2010

Time to update your Shop Announcement?

This week I clicked on every one of our Team members' shop links to cull closed shops and be sure all our new members are included too.
Something I noticed while scanning the Shop Announcements is that some are a tad behind the times. I spotted notices about sales that ended last year, plenty of Christmas references, long-past away-for-vacation announcements, and even a mention of Halloween!

In the fine Etsy tradition, there's no "calling out" or naming of names here, but more a friendly reminder that everything from the Shop Announcement to individual listings and Policies needs an occasional review.

Image of a vintage desk calendar from ExpressionsDesign, thanks!


  1. I add the current date to my shop announcement, so I keep it fresh up to date and change it everyday. I think its a good way for buyers to know there is an actual person behind the shop front.

  2. Oh yes! its very important to keep the announcements "clean" and updated :)
    Gives out a nice sense of order and attention :)

  3. I think I update mine once a week HA!

  4. I believe that I will check my announcement too! Thanks for the nudge!


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