Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Where are you? Your buyers want to know!

So there you are, searching Etsy for a few gifts, and the shipping deadline is coming up fast! Maybe some luscious soap from Team member Lyn4078? Especially great if you're in Australia!

And who wouldn't love to receive a piece of beautiful jewellery from balanced in Ireland, or one of zeropumpkin's witty critters, direct from Malaysia? 
That Blame the Dog bowl from sseloske in Seattle would be perfect, and if you or your recipient are in the Pacific Northwest, you can certainly get it quickly. 
Etsy buyers are all over, and fortunately so are Etsy sellers. To help ensure that they can find each other, it's so important for shops to include their location - at least the State or Province, and Country - in the Location field of Public Profile.

Without that accurate information, shoppers who search with Shop Local, or who click on Location to see where you are might not get the facts. For example, I checked Geolocator for Paris, without specifying what country, and look at all the choices!

Make it easy on your buyers and yourself by putting your shop on the map. Resources:
   •  How to Sell Local
    Shop Local Tool
    Adding Location to Public Profile


  1. Can you find Peculiar?
    This is a post that far too many sellers need to pay attention to. It's such a simple fix, too.
    Thanks js, you hit it right on the nose yet again!


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