Sunday, April 24, 2011

Meet Team Members...Apron Makers

Can Etsians find sales success with a relatively narrow specialty? Two of our Team members, georgiamarbles and prettylittlepearl are both doing very nicely by focusing their creative efforts on aprons.

prettylittlepearl, whose crisp and consistent photography and cohesive shop highlight her stylish aprons, also sell patterns and tutorials, but every item in her shop is an apron, or apron-related.

georgiamarbles, in her almost three years as an Etsy seller, has also specialized in aprons - for adults and children, ready made and custom, and in a variety of styles. Although there are also dolls and tutus in her shop, it's aprons that come though loud and clear, including in her fun retro shop banner.

We'd love to hear from other apron-making Team members, and sellers who have targeted a special market; add your comment!

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