Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cloth, Paper, Scissors and Etsy Chatters

Many of us are constantly on the look out for way to get our art noticed. We are in search of that magical promotional tool, to help thrust us into the next level of sales!

Well, I may have found (or been found by, rather) such a vessel!

Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine in a publication that focuses on altered art, mixed media compositions, how-tos and so much more. If you have not yet read it - you SHOULD!!

Last month, I was contacted by the Editor in chief about being in her publication. She was amazed that my upcycled jewelry was once GIFT CARDS!! So, I sent her some photos (and she even picked up one of my pieces from the shop.) and a little blurb. This month, I have a little spot in this amazing magazine, in the new MUSE Flash section.

Well, the point? They have requests for submissions in their publication. They are looking for new techniques, fresh ideas, inventive products and more! Chat Teamers.. you need to submit your items!

Right now they have a readers challenge. "Play on Words"

You do a mixed media piece showing a word, quote, depiction of such in 2 or 3d. All the rules are here:

There are also submission guidelines here:
For other things that you may want to send in!! A great, fun way to get noticed.

Go to: to read more. (and subscribe, TOTALLY worth it!!)



  1. That is so awesome Jenn! Huge congrats!!
    Will def check it out. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Congrats, Jenn. I love that magazine too and have gotten many "brain bursts" just looking at the wonderful pages.

  3. That is so freakin awesome!!!

  4. ok, I'm in chat so do I join the team?
    I'd really love to.


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