Monday, March 30, 2009

"I give up!! Really..."

An Etsy forum thread with a title like that isn't unusual. In fact, it's something we've seen more than a few times in Chat too. The difference here is the message beyond the title.
I won't give it away, but this thread is definitely worth a few minutes' time for everyone who is working to make even a part of their income doing what they love here at Etsy.

So go ahead, click the link and give it a read. I'll wait right here.

No one is going to say that everything's rosy with the economy these days, but there is success to be had out there. One of the astonishing advantages of Etsy, and of our friendly group in Chat, is the menu of resources so readily available - business resources, technology ones, and the hands-on help of the community. Congratulations to Ozknits for putting them to work, and thanks for sharing her experience.

Are we all a little more optimistic and inspired now? Okay, what can we do as buyers and sellers to help ourselves and others succeed, beyond the appealing answer of "Buy more of my stuff"?

Judith (aka jswrites)


  1. good post.
    also wanted to let everyone know I have a spot in the Etsy Gift Guide today.

  2. There always seems to be discussion and debate about whether or not it's worth buying a Showcase spot. LMT Mom, you'll have to let us know whether you find appearance in the Showcase to be successful.


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