Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shop Critique Anyone?

If you've ever participated in the Etsy Shop Critiques in the Virtual Labs, taken your turn in the hot seat on the Forums' Critiques area, or asked for a casual critique in Chat, you probably know how helpful they can be.

With that in mind, what about using our team blog to do some friendly-yet-realistic critiques of our fellow chatters' shops? If you are interested in hearing what other team members have to say about your shop, just post your question in the Comments of this post. Please try to keep it to one specific question (avoid the general "Do you like my shop?"), such as:
• Does my banner represent my shop well?
• Are my prices too high? Too low?
• Should I use a background colour in my photos?
• How can I improve my tags

...you get the idea! Let's see your questions, and of course your answers. Also, for anyone who would like to offer a more detailed critique, or would like to request one, please comment about that too. It would be great to match up some shops to help each other.


  1. I got a question. I have thinned my shop out greatly. I now have several shops each focused on one are such as clay, vintage you get the idea. Well in my main shop www.cappysue.etsy.com do you think it appears to have focus? I am having a hard time deciededing that on my own.
    Thanks all for any opinions I will be happy to answer questions back.

  2. CappySue I think for the most part, your shop has a good overall focus, but I'd move that bracelet off the front page... it doesn't really fit I think. I also found it a little strange that you are selling cookies in a shop that is mostly devoted to art!

    My q: how are my prices? Do you think they are fair?

  3. Hi! I would love to get a critique on my shop and what I can be doing better to get more consistent and frequent sales. You can find my store on Etsy at papavercreations.etsy.com.
    I am also doing a blog giveaway at


  4. I have had my shop open since march although I did not list any items till may of 09. I feel like it has been successful but I'd like an outside opinion. Being a graphic designer I take critiques well! So blast away!

    BTW your blog is great!! I've added it to my list of favorites

  5. As a complete newbie who is yet to make a sale, I'd love any advice that anyone feels able to give me on my shop please!


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