Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Power of Tags

Not THAT kind of tags, although aren't the cheerful tags from Team members ThePaperButton and hdawnparratt in this post tempting?

But this is more about those powerful tags that are part of every listing, and can help bring shoppers to your shop by making it easier for them to search for what they're looking to buy. Etsy is jam-packed with information about making every one of those tags work hard for you. A few highlights:
Step-by-step walk-through, with brainstorming tips
Stuck for appropriate style words? Check this list!
An innovative approach to selecting and using tags

Another tip for using tags - include your Team tag. Every time a Team member wants to make a Treasury of chatters, and when I'm looking for items to illustrate this blog or to include in the ChatTeam mini, it starts with a search for Team tags.

The official Team profile (established when the Team was formed) shows our search word is ChatTeam, but there are a few variations, including "chat team" and "chatters." Next time you're listing or renewing, why not add a tag for your Team?

How are you using tags to boost your sales for the upcoming holiday season, and beyond?

Judith / jswrites


  1. I've been tagging with "chat team" for as long as the team was created :)

  2. it's a very interesting article that give me more ideas for my tags!!! thanks so much ^_^

  3. Thanks for posting my tags! (a little late on the thanks)



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