Monday, November 30, 2009

Eyes On Your Shop?

Everyone has their own idea of what helps to get a shop seen all year 'round, and this helpful Pimp Your Shop Storque article wraps up some of the best approaches out there - both on and off Etsy.

What are you doing to pimp your shop now, and for the year ahead? Do you set a promotion budget (money AND time)? What strategies have proven most effective? And really, does spamming the chat rooms with promos ever actually work?

Image from Team member TheExtentofSilence's shop.

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  1. Spamming chat does NOT help, as it just annoys most of us. *grins* However, I have found that ads, chatting, posting in forums, renewing items, and just plain hard work are the best ways to get your shop out there! Twitter and Facebook are your friends!


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