Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chat Tip #2 - Names Auto-Complete

Why should we bother typing others' names accurately in Chat? It's not just to make picky people happy, honest!
• The person whose name is typed will see it in bold
• They'll also hear that familiar *bonk* alert sound
• It's actually easier to be accurate! Here's how:
When you want to auto-complete a name, type the first two or three letters of the name, and then click the Tab or right cursor/arrow key, and it will magically finish typing the name for you, ready to send.

This trick also works with messages / whispers, and when looking at shops, and is especially handy with really LONG names. Can't find an avatar in Chat, and you want to look at the person's shop? Just type /shop and then the auto-complete sequence to go directly to the shop.

But it didn't work!
There are a couple of instances when auto-complete won't work:
• The name is in the room twice (it sees right through ghost names)
• It needs more letters to get a unique string. If, for example, Team members MissElany, MissesBird and MissMooseDesign were all in the room at once, you'd have to type as many as six letters to get auto-complete to trigger the one you want.
Give it a try - it will soon be second nature!

Chat Tip #1 - Avatar Order

Images from davidgieske and nakedtile, thanks!

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