Friday, March 19, 2010

Membership Update

Along with scads of active Chatters, clicking on the list of Team member names / URLs reveals that there are quite a few members whose shops are closed or on long-term vacation (without a stated return date), who are sellers with no listings and no recent activity, and some whose user names no longer exist on Etsy.

A list of all the inactive shops was put together last week, and it will be checked again at the end of March to weed out any that are still away.

Of course having an active shop isn't a requirement for membership
in our Team, so if you still chat on Etsy even though your shop is inactive, please be in touch by the end of the month, so your name won't be deleted.

If your name and shop are alive and well, there's no need to do anything but carry on chatting!

Images from Etsy shops thebackporchshoppe and uniqueBOWtique09. Thanks!

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  1. Thanks jswrites, when we are searching for an active member we won't have to wade through all the no-longer-existing shops.


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