Monday, August 9, 2010

Five Questions for ... cdosehn

Anyone who visits Chat early in the morning (Eastern Time) will have met regular cdosehn, a friendly and welcoming presence in our talkative midst! This month is her four-year Etsyversary, and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to get her answers to a handful of questions:

Q.  How has Etsy changed in the four years you've been selling here? What's your favourite feature?
A.  I think the biggest change has being able to rearrange your shop!
Q.  What do you do for fun when you're not chatting or running your Etsy shop?
A.  I love to be out in the woods or fishing with my hubby. Being with my grown children is wonderful as well.
Q.  What tool or piece of crafting equipment would you like to have if money were no object?
A.  Oh I would love a bigger embroidery machine with more designs and space to embroider on. Or my own designing software.
Q.  Knowing what you do now, is there anything you would have done differently when you first opened your shop?
A.  The only thing I would have changed is taking better pictures of my items and posting more tags on my items.
Q.  What has been your most successful way to promote your Etsy shop? The least effective?
A.  The most successful way I have found to promote my items in my shop is going in the chats. Once there, always be friendly. I have met through Etsy some wonderful people that I can call my dear friends from all over the world.
The least effective I guess would be the forums in the promotion section - a lot of post and runs, and no one really looks in each others' shops. First thing besides saying Hello in the chats when I enter is go to everyone's shop and have a look around and post a item from their shop.


  1. cdosehn is a wonderful and delightful friend that I met through chat. She has been my mentor for learning about machine embroidery. Although we've never met in person, I feel like I know her well. I haven't been in chat much lately and I miss my morning friends!

  2. Barb! Thanks so much for the nice words. I feel the same way about you and my morning chat friends Hugs to you!!!!!

  3. CD is awesome. We usually 'meet' in chat in the am. I like to sip a cup of coffee and chat. CD brightens the room and always has something nice to say.

  4. 2kute what nice things to say Thanks hun!!! Love to brighten my morning with my chat friends


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