Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why do we chat?

A relatively new Etsy seller said in Chat the other day that she hadn't sold anything at all on the site until she started hanging out in the chat rooms. Are hoped-for sales what bring us to Chat? Are they what keep bringing us back?
Certainly, there's no guarantee that being a chatter will lead to sales, but it does happen. And surely regular chatters don't come in every day just to pimp their shops (although having others meet new shops is a nice fringe benefit). We all have a pretty good idea that flying in just to spam announcements and shop promos doesn't work anyway; it's more about being part of the community, or is it?

So, why do we chat? Specifically on Etsy, but also in other communities?

Image from a sculpture by redclaysculptress, thanks!


  1. Chatting, at least for me, is a chance to virtually meet other people. We are all different yet similar in so many ways. Getting to know someone has a benefit - you might get a sale or you might just find something that you cannot live without in someone else's shop. Chatting is better than a convo because it's much much more interactive. It's a pleasant way to spend time too!

  2. I am addicted to chatting. I love to socialize with other crafters and find out how to relate with our ideas. I love to see how they earn a little extra money from etsy and how they become successful. This is also a great way to meet awesome friends. I always have to stop in before i head to bed, to chat with my friends and catch up for the day ! Keep up the good work and most definitely----> awesome job etsy !

  3. Ah, chatting...I love to nip into the chat room with a cup of tea and relax for 10 minutes. I have nicknames for everyone - there's Prettykins, Shablet, Mathers, Swiplet and the list goes on. We natter about everything and nothing, we tease and we make typos (which sometimes become actual words cropping up in future chats to confuse new arrivals). We pimp each other's shops and boost each other's egos, we hug each other when things go wrong and we are proud when we hear of sales and successes. Late at night we are raucous and flirty, and occasionally twitter and facebook will overspill into the room and the hamster will have to play doorman controlling who comes in....

  4. I love visiting chat. It's an awesome way for me to connect with other sellers and like minded people that I normally don't get to enjoy the company of due to my IRL shy nature. I also get to promote other shops that I've bought from and highly recommend. Popping into chat has seriously become an addiction that I never want to give up.


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