Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Finding Team Member Shops

We've all seen it. Someone comes in to Chat and asks if anyone makes custom stickers, or sells beads or baby clothes, sculpture or soap. Or maybe you remember chatting with a Vintage or Supplies seller, but their shop name hasn't lodged in your brain.

Now that our Team members can also be found through the Team page on Etsy, it seems like a good time to transition the list of members on this blog to one that's a little more functional when it comes to finding members by what they sell.

So, there's a simple Google Docs form live now, that all Team members can use to designate their top three categories (based on how Etsy's top-level categories are shown). Please go to the link and choose your top three, and they'll be compiled and listed here on the blog, as well as at the discussion forums on our Etsy Team page.

Judith / jswrites

Images from RetrospectPhoto and fattybird, thanks!


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