Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shape up #2 - Customer service is always in season

We've all had some wonderful experiences shopping online, but also some that turned out to be not so great. And while the product is certainly a big part of what makes one purchase rock, and another sink like a stone, customer service is something that can make or break a sale, however fabulous the item.

This article from the Seller Handbook lists the writers' Top 10 Customer Service Strategies, and they have some great advice. It's part of a bigger series Service Tips for Sellers with info on everything from communication and complaints to shipping and selling vintage.

In Chat recently there was a discussion about how something as basic as replying to convos is an effective sales and service strategy that can pay off - Team member jmaeson answered an out-of-the-blue convo that lead to a custom order for 60 items!

Please share your customer service stories, good and bad, in the comments.

Images from KatyBitsandPieces and WinsomeTreasures, thanks!


  1. SO true!
    I have my email forwarded to my cell so I know immediately if I have a convo.

    It certainly makes the difference between making a sale and not. :)

  2. Wow a custom order for 60 pieces, that is great! I do answer all the conversations I get, as quickly as I get them. Within less than 24 hours.

  3. Wow, Congrats to jmaeson!! I've had the pleasure of buying from jmaeson and can't say enough for her stellar customer service! She see's a transaction from start to finish, communicating throughout. Def a 5 stars Etsy shop owner in my book. I believe communication is most vital, from beginning to end, even if you don't capture a sale, you will be remembered if your communication is timely, accurate, clear, and concise.

    Sorry for the essay, lol!! :o)



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