Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Promotions ARE FUN!!

One thing we all wonder is: "How the heck am I suppose to promote my ETSY shop?"

Twitter? Myspace? Blogger? Chats? Etsy Forums? Business Cards?! Paid Advertisments? Features on other blogs? Word of mouth?

YES! To all of those.

I have been poking around the web. My plan was to find a fun, exciting way of reaching a multitude of new customers. I thought about the various Titter, Blog, Etc. giveaways. Then I said to myself : " Self, why not THE SAMPLER?!"

I went to their site and began to read up on it. (I had seen the site in passing some time back, but gave little thought to it.)

What you do:
Contact the sampler. Let them know what you have to offer. They will then give you the aokay or the nyeh.

Once they approve you, send in 25, 50, 75, 100, 200 or MORE "samples" of your product/ in neat little packages with your business card attached. (This way it is a sample, not a promo only.)

They then package up the samples and send out SAMPLER Packages to various subscribers. (These include business owners, media outlets, buyers, and other sampler contributers.)

The more items you send, the wider audience you will reach.
(I am planning on sending 100 samples. Each sample containing an upcycled gift card guitar pick on a hemp string, or even an upcycled giftcard charm on a keychain!!)

Here is a list of some of their recent contributors: SAMPLER CONTRIBUTORS

In addition to being distributed to XX number of potential buyers, you get a FREE SAMPLER of your very own for that month! (You will get to try out goodies from many MANY others). Depending on the amount of items you send in, you can even get discounts on advertising on their site. You could receive FREE ads as well.

So, go check out their site, and see if it is a good fit for you!!


Oh and P.S.
in 7 hours I will be choosing the winner of last weeks treasure hunt. Hopefully you all are finishing up and are going to post your finds!!! As of right now, we have ONE person in the running!!



  1. I've heard of this! Thanks for reminding me about it, I agree it could be a great tool.

  2. I will let you know how it works out for me. I plan on submitting items from both of my shops.

    I will be making notecards/postcards. I am going to send in a three pack of cards for inclusion. (So, maybe 100 samples from that shop as well)

    oh, and balanced, it looks like you are still the only one in the running for the treasure hunt so far!!



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