Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Soap + Coffee = Addiction

Recently, I was introduced to the world of handmade soaps.

(Oh hush, I have been bathing for 30 years now. I just always used big company products.)

Etsy has hundreds upon hundreds of bath and body type shops. You can find everything from plain jane soaps to soap pretending to be a burger! Whipped body butter? Sure, you can find that alongside of the scrubbing salts. Oh, and do not forget the EXPLODING frog soaps. How does one choose.....

Trial and error!! I have tried a few shops out, and I have found a favorite in our very own Etsy Chat Team Member, Heathenshearth!

Her Cafe Mocha Goats Milk soap has captivated me!!

Upon opening the package, I was nudged with the delicious aroma of coffee! The tantilizing scent begged me to taste it! (But, seeing as it was soap, and I did not have a wish to visit the local emergency room.. I did not nibble the soap!)

I brewed a pot of coffee. Ran a bath. Put the kids to nap. Then - HEAVEN!! I lingered in the bath quite some time. The soap, the coffee, the quiet! It all worked in my favor for those few majical moments.

The goats milk soap was filled with little bursts of exfoliating awesomeness! The cafe mocha bar left my skin feeling like silk. A perfect marraige of smooth soapy goodness, and scrubby coffee grounds!

I recommend you go over to heathenshearth.etsy.com and purchase a bar, or two, or ... well, get a sampler set!! (I have one on the way!) Experience the awesome that is Heathenshearth soaps!!

~Jenn .. the BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!!~
(Yes, it is January 28th where I am..)


  1. MMM, that sounds lovely! What an excellent review!

    Happy Birthday Jenn!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday! And thanks for the most excellent review ;)

  3. OMG I got that one too!!! YUMMMMMMMMMM

  4. Happy birthday! Heathenshearth's stuff is great! I have a real problem buying soaps and smelly stuff, I need a lock on my paypal account!!

  5. happy birthday

    love the combo of coffe and soap

  6. oh I can smell that soap from here...must...buy...now!


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