Sunday, August 2, 2009

Show me yours and I'll show you mine.....

Inspired by Etsy Forums, I thought it may be nice to have a ... "Show me yours and I'll show you mine" post.

Leave us a comment with:
1. a link to one "under 10$ with shipping" Item in your Etsy Shop.
2. a link to one "under 10$ with shipping" item in your favorite Etsy Chatters Team shop. (MUST be an Etsy Chatters Team Shop, list can be foun in the sidebar)

I want to see some FUN, Original, Inspiring pieces!!

Oh, and to make it interesting...You have until Midnight August 2, 2009 (my time, eastern standard US time)

I will Random.Org pick a WINNER from the comments..and post on August 3.
The Prize? I will purchase the item the winner chose as their favorite item from the Etsy Chatters shop and have them mail it to you!!! (so make sure you leave your email address in the comments so I can contact the winner!!)

How FUN is that?

and guess what... You have 14 hours to comment!!

I'll start (but my entry does not count..)

1. Under $10 with shipping in my shop are these handcut upcycled Guitar picks:
2. I love these printable stationary sets from Kokopinto.Etsy.Com



Duplicate entries will not be counted. They will be deleted before I the winner. If your email is not in your original post, please do not repost with the email. Please make sure you enter your email (or etsy shop will be fine)is in the original comment field, so I can contact you in the event that you win.

If you do not have an Etsy Shop, you may omit step 1. If your Etsy Shop does not have an under 10$ item, you may link to another item from your shop.

Good Luck all!!


  1. Ooo fun!

    1. Under $10 (free shipping) are these cute little Amethyst earrings:

    2. From one of my favourite chatters, this Rose Garden scented soap:

  2. 1. Under $10 with shipping in my shop- scrapbook layout for the refrigerator

    2. look at these Recycled Can Puzzle Magnets. I just love them. never seen anything like it before. so very cool.

  3. 1) under $10 with shipping in my shop..zeropumpkin plushie magnet 1 of my fav

    2) from my fav chatter item (annabelsaprons)

  4. oh sorry mess up.

    fav chatter under $10 + shipping ( kiie)fabric

  5. What a great idea! Thank you for doing this, Jupita!

    In our shop, our Orange Mocha Soap is less than $10 with shipping :)

    And I love these earrings from Balanced's shop!

  6. YAY!

    Under $10 with shipping; yummy pie earrings!

    I LOVE these Twilight inspired beads:

  7. 1. Under $10.00 Free Shipping.

    2. Etsy Chat Team member, Miss Moose Design

  8. hard to choose:
    Here is my under $10: Spinners 3 pack Buttons -

    My pick from a fellow chatters shop is 2kutekards Thank you cards

    And oh goodness, it wouldnt let me copy and paste so yes, I typed it all out... almost didn't =P

  9. 1. Under $10 w/shipping: Monsieur Mustache Necklace:
    2. Coming in at just $7 w/shipping from Wildanimus is this card holder:

  10. mine:

    somone else's:[]=tags&includes[]=title

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  12. OOOooooo how fun! Here are my pics for under $10.

    1.Katieanncreations Love Diet Coke recycled Can Necklace

    2. Boquet's Bumble Bee Hairbow

  13. how fun!!

    1. Currently on moving sale in my shop, lovely purple earrings:

    2. Yummy looking cookies just barely under $10 with shipping from megscreations!

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  15. 1. Under 10 in my shop yummy vanilla buttercream crunch with coconut cream YUM!

    Under 10 in AuntiDis Shop I can almost smell it now...

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  17. Hi i love Akkrickets listing for blue sea glass here

    And my Soda tab bracelets!

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  19. Hey everyone! Neat idea to see how many great deals there are!

    here is a new print, yet another sunflower piece from me at Smelly Rhino Studio:

    And, one of my favorite sellers, Zero Pumpkin; the mini family storybook! So adorable!

  20. From my shop:

    from Mbell34:

  21. From my shop: Polka Dots and Robot Pouch

    From vantiani: Flaming Scissors Card


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