Sunday, June 13, 2010

Photography Surprises

I read a blog post the other day by Bakerella, who writes, bakes and takes photographs with equal skill. In Cupcakes and Cameras, she talks about how she takes the pictures, and spells out exactly what cameras and photographic accessories she uses to get such luscious results. Okay, her main camera goes for about $800 US, but for someone who does this for a living, isn't it an appropriate investment when it does the job? Read the post to learn more about her cameras - and pick up a few recipes too!

Among our Chat regulars, there's another inspiring example: KanzashiHime takes those artful photos of kanzashi using a cell phone camera, plus a little help from Photoshop.

Etsy's Storque Blog offers a wealth of information about photography and how to make it work to bring out the best in shop listings. A new favourite shows how some long-time sellers' pictures have evolved and improved over time, in Before and After Photos.

Etsy seller and photographer Jenkiabaphotography contributed reviews and examples of the output from cameras selling for as little as $15, along with advice about must-have features and lighting. Read all about it in The Right Camera.

And from the non-seller in the group, here's a photo taken with my very old Canon A10, with its primitive 1.3 megapixels! If I had a shop I'd probably be looking for something more advanced, but for family snaps and amateur web posting, it still works!


  1. thanks it's encouraging to have proof that we don't need a super expensive camera to be able to take decent photos!

  2. I am impressed with the beautiful picture taken with a cell phone. Pictures are always the hardest and take the most work.

  3. Well, it looks like it CAN be done. Having more information on how to actually do it.. is priceless. Thank you!


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