Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chat Team List

Hi there Everyone.

I am trying to get everyone listed here on the Blog, so that we know who is on the team.

Can all the Chat Team CONVO me?

The list o chat teamers has gone MIA from the side bar!

PS this is jupita


  1. Is it missing? or is this an Easter Hunt?

  2. It is missing!! Not sure where it went, or how the "craft cult" thing got on the blog.. But, I have a lot of convos, and I am trying to iupdate it all. So, I can put it back!!


  3. I see the list! Still need our convos?

  4. I fixed it!!! I had to go off of the Etsy list (which is not up to date)

    Then, wander through convos and add. It was NO FUN!!! haha

  5. YAY! Congratulations Jupita! Nice to see the mysterious craftcult ad gone too.

  6. Can i get to be a member and addet to the list?


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