Friday, April 3, 2009

Mamaslittlemonkeys is our featured Chatter

Mamaslittlemonkeys is a fabulous little Etsy shop with all sorts of goodies. You can find everything from Baby Bibs, to duckie soaps, to clothes and more!

Mamaslittlemonkeys.Etsy.Com is also giving away a set of 12 wipes/cloths. All you need to do is go to her shop, come back here and tell me your favorite item. Next Friday we will randomly select a winner to receive this awesome, useful gift.

Now.. Let's get to know our mamaslittlemonkeys.....

1. Who is mamaslittlemonkey? A former rodeo clown....okay, no really, a mom, wife, friend, sister, blogger, handmade lover, seamstress, soaper, indie music loving, etsyholic, fabricholic, soapaholic crazy lady who happens to sell some nifty creations for baby, mom and more!

2. What kind of crafting/art do you do? How long have you been doing it? On I do a little bit of everything, clothing, toys, blankets (I heart minky!), recycled crayons, photography, graphics, soap, gifts, gag gifts, and more! On that is purely my flower pens...something i used to love as a teacher and the only flower I can't kill....

Some CUTE Duckie Soaps!

3. Where do you pull your inspiration from? For MLM, my kids mostly! I don't have girls, so I get my 'girly' tendencies out there, and my boys inspire many of the prints I use (pirates are popular as of late....). On FDI, I just love flowers but have the blackest thumb EVER, so I love that i can have flowers that are functional, pretty and I can't kill. For my soaps, I just love them! Handmade soap is my porn. (can i say that? LOL) I love the colors, fragrances, the mad scientist aspect of it! I only do melt and pour as of now but am DYING to get into Cold process at some point!! ( as soon as I move through my current stock of soap/fabric supplies!)
4. What is your favorite medium? Sewing: is a PAIN in the butt to sew, but a good minky (yes there is bad minky), is just so freaking luxurious you just HAVE to touch it. I've been known to just wander the fabric aisles fondling everything. Soap: I love the fleur de lis mold...I'm still perfecting my black and gold "Saints" soap for the New Orleans Saints. It's my mission in life to get it PERFECT. And I only use soaps that are SLS free and as pure as possible. Flower pens: the 'realistic' roses...they feel so real and are just lovely to look at and feel. (can you tell I'm a tactile person?)

5. Is Etsy your art your full time job, or just an on the side project? Right now, hobby. I've spent FAR too much ON etsy and on my fabric/soap supplies to actually pull a 'profit' at this point! :) But I plan on doing it for a long time! My 'real' job (besides being mommy), is I work from home as Public Relations/Promotions/Blogger for Blockhead Radio. You can check them out at Its a great place for artisans and we focus on exposing artisans to the world. Check out the Artisans challenge and our charity sampler box that's going on now!

6. How did you find Etsy?this is the sad part. I honestly do NOT remember!! I think I found it from friends on a mommy networking site, but I honestly can't recall!

7. How did you become ADDICTED to Etsy CHAT? Because there are awesome freaking ppl there!! :) I just like hanging with people who also support and love handmade! And every now and then I get a sale! :) (ok I mostly go to chat...LOL)

Want something net to keep the kiddies occupied on those car trips? What about one of these crayon rolls?:

8. What is your favorite piece that you have done? Mmmmm. Sewn items, this is my latest: I just LOVE michael Miller and the minky is devine.
Soap: this gift basket is a baby of mine...something I decided to do months ago!
Flower Pens: this set, it's sold but I have more to list... I just love the roses in it!

9. What is your favorite Etsy shop (other than yours)? Oh man. One? Seriously? is that possible? Crap. Man, I don't know if I can decide!! Man, this is hard, and in NO way a reflection of my MANY other favorite Etsy sellers! But I am really digging this shop lately.. and this listing.. because I really need a soap cutter and i LOVE all the wooden goodness! I also love bc he made me a super awesome anniversary gift for my DH! And i LOVe all my team members from Cafemom Team, Lartisans Team, Pluggers United and OF COURSE Etsychatters! :)

10.Tips for other Artists? DO NOT GIVE UP! Every time you get a sale, you should FEEL HONORED! In the wide world of Etsy, handmade, and shopping, someone chose YOUR item to bring into their life. Your hope is they love it as much as you, but if they are unhappy for any reason, you should do your very best to make them 110% happy. Never forget everyone you meet is a potential customer! If you aren't selling you need to look at either your items, your competition, or how you market yourself. (take the crappy economy out of the equation for a minute!) KEEP trying! Try new things, new venues, new promotions, new crafts!

Catch some of those dribbles.. A Funky, Punky Bib..

11.Tell me a Secret about yourself. I am 5'12", can curse in American Sign Language and have Celiac Disease and thus eat Gluten Free. (leading to another of my fave shops,

12. Any parting words of wisdom? Questions? Comments: Keep on trucking! :) Oh, and you can also check out my Cafepress shop! :) I love to do custom graphics!! :)

WOOOOT etsychatters!


  1. I LOVE the idea of the nap mat and pillow! Definitely keeping that on my short list!

  2. I am totally diggin the crayon rolls.. and the bath ducky soaps.. =-)

    Enjoy your week in the spotlight!!

  3. Yay for being featured! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Michael Miller Minky blankets, totaly on my wish list.

  4. I love Mamaslittlemonkeys!! :)

  5. OMGoodness!!!! In the process of TTC #1 and want to register for Etsy items. LOOOOVE the Sprink Minky burp cloths/blanket! So sweet. I hearted the store for future ref and hopefully be back soon to purchase for a little one of my own! ~Jillian


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