Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dear Admin...

Of all the Etsy members, I can't think of anyone better than our bunch of mad chatters to recommend changes and improvements to the chat interface. We experience it every day (or multple times a day) as regular chatters, and also field many questions from folks who are new to chat and/or new to Etsy.

I've seen the comments on the forums where changes have been suggested, and we've discussed plenty of ideas in chat, but what else would we like to see added, changed, or subtracted. And, what do we absolutely LOVE about Etsy chat?

An example? The relatively recent change to mark chatters Away after 5 minutes' idle time, and then gently evict us after idling for 15 minutes. A great improvement, imho. And in the "absolutely LOVE" category, for me it's the ability to show items in the column down the right side.

What about you? What would you like to tell Admin about Etsy chat? Please include your ideas - and some of those things you love too - in the Comments!

Thanks, Judith / jswrites


  1. I agree! I love etsy chat- I have had many wonderful hours and have learned so much there!I love seeing and showing work along the right side of chat!

  2. Hmm, great idea first of all. :)
    I love chat and don't have much to complain about except maybe one thing... trolls.
    I know it happens and I don't think we need to be "babysat" or have it moderated at all times, but for admin to maybe get to these situations sooner would be cool. :)

  3. What I would love to see:

    If you are "whispering", you should not go "idle" after 5 minutes..

    That would be AWeSoMe!!


  4. It would be awesome to have an ignore option for people who are "trolling" the room. Although, creating a password protected room works very well, too.

  5. I agree with NotQuitePhotoJENic, I'd love it if whispering and posting items counted as being active in chat.

  6. I would also love to have an ignore/mute option, and I also would love it if whispering would count as "active" chat!

  7. I love the chat! When I started on Etsy last fall, I learned so much there talking to other Etsians. Very helpful tool.

    For FS chat rooms, I would like to see a board that you can enter your name on and this way it would be fair for everyone to be chosen the next FS. If you buy something, that should be the first determination but often no one buys anything and people start "asking" friendly and unfriendly if they can go next. This causes lots of bad feelings. I don't go to the FS chats because of this reason.

    BTW, who are "trolls"?


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