Friday, April 24, 2009

Getting Chatty with vantiani

Who wants a cute set of 10 oragami balloons cards?? You? That is what I thought.. Well, read on and find out how you can WIN. This is rather easy.

I was going to change the layout of Vantiani's QnA to be more interview style.. But, I thought the way she usd third person, was sooo cute. Vantiani is a clever gal and I hope you all enjoy getting to know a bit more about her - like I did!!

Vantiani is a red gemini living in old dusty house full of zines, books, records,
films and ideas with her tall punk lover. She works as copywriter by day and
everything else in between it. She used to run a craft shop and a creative space with her two gilfriends, but now she is focusing more in building her own crafty coccoon.

Vantiani starts making collage only last year but has been addicted ever since and
after her first collage exhibition last August, she decides to open her first etsy

Vantiani mostly inspired by her local crafty comrades, blogsphere, magazines, films
and of course her creatively chaotic house.

Vantiani's favorite medium is always paper and fabric.

Vantiani wishes one day her etsy will be her full time job.

Vantiani finds the almighty etsy during one of her blogwalking journey when she bumps into those inspiring etsians and crafters blogs.

Vantiani actually always been a chat addict since years ago, but how she amazed with
etsy chat with its endless surprises from the first time she find out about it. She
finds lots of wonderful new friends, really really awesome swaps and also a lovely
community that she never thought she will experience from a chatting community before.

Vantiani put her favorite piece as her avatar and another one is on the attachment.

Vantiani has way too many favorite etsy shops but those that really inspires her are
magicjelly, suspectshoppe and marmeecraft.

Vantiani always believes that everyone is an artist, therefore find your art and
explore them.Having fun with them and if you want them to be able to feed you too,
nurture them profesionally as early as possible.

Vantiani used to sell pirated porn films for a couple of years among her office mates.
(sorry had to BOLD this one, it made me giggle.

Vantiani feels that to surround herself with amazingly talented and creative people
is a really good idea. Because they will not only make her feel small and
meaningless, but also make her always have enough confidence and strength to try
harder and better in lots of things that she does.

Okay.. Now, Go to .. Browse around, see what you like. Come back here and comment. Tell me what you think is awesome, link it. People wanna see what Vantiani has to offer!!
(Winner will be chosen next Friday!!)


  1. Wonderful interview!
    My fav is her Pretty Doilies Collage Round Gift Tags. Very unique!

  2. I was fortunate to complete a trade with Vantiani last year. One of her collages is now on display in my craft room. She is an absolute sweetheart and SO talented!

    And OMG...pirated porn films? That is one of the best things I've read in an interview of an Etsy artist ever.

    Tanya (aka the wild animus)

  3. I like the vintage Roses gift tags. They are unique.

  4. I love your collage work. It is great!



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