Monday, July 13, 2009

And the next Etsy Chat Team promotion is....

Halloween/Fall Challenge!!!

As you can see by the vote, it was a close poll....the results are as follows:

The original idea of the Halloween/Fall Challenge goes like this....."Team member shops come up with a really great item to list in their shop that is Halloween/Fall themed....let's say by October 1st. From there we post a list of the items, with a description, photo and link to the item/shop, and have a vote on our blog where readers can choose their favorite. Good way to motivate shops to be creative, and gets some exposure for the Team and each shop."

As an addition to this, we could also run a Team Wide Halloween Sale once we get the items from the challenge posted in our shops and on the team blog. that we have our promotion chosen, lets discuss it! I've created a new Forum Topic at our Ning page to discuss this and/or you can post here!

Happy Chatting,



  1. Halloween themed items? I'm sure I can whip up a thing or two. I'll have a classy listing and a whimsy listing.

  2. Gee, I don't know if I can handle Halloween...



    How fun! Can't wait. :D

  3. Oh yeah!! I voted for this!
    Can't wait too!


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