Friday, July 31, 2009

Make Your Own Magnets...A How-To Tutorial!

Kristina Myers of kristinamyerscrafts gives us step-by-step instructions on how to make our magnets!

Have you ever wanted a certain magnet but couldn't find exactly what you wanted? Make your own! Here is a list of materials you will need:

1.5 inch flat glass marbles ($2.49)
Card Stock ($0.49)
Stickers or Permanent glue stick ($1.99)
Specialty glass adhesive ($5.29)
Magnets ($5.67)
Strong adhesive for magnets ($2.67)
1 1/4 inch round paper punch ($13.99)
Unscented baby wipes ($2.67)

Follow these steps to create your masterpiece!

1. Sort through the glass pieces to remove chipped, broken, or irregular marbles. Wash glass in hot soapy water. This removes dirt and oils that get on the glass during manufacturing, packaging and shipping. I let mine soak for 5 minutes.

2. Rinse with hot water. I make the water as hot as my tap will allow. The glass dries quickly with no spots.

3. Punch out card stock and affix stickers. You may choose to use images of your own. Print images on plain paper using the highest DPI your printer allows. Edit your photos before printing to find the best fit. There is an option in most photo editing software to "view" image in "actual size". I hold the glass marble up to the screen to check the fit.

4. On newspaper place cardstock (or paper) face up. Place specialty glass adhesive on center of circle. Press glass into adhesive. Make sure adhesive spreads evenly out to edges. Use baby wipe to remove extra adhesive and clean fingers in between each one. Place glue side up to dry overnight.
5. Use strong adhesive to attach the magnet to the back of the card stock. (If you printed an image, use the permanent glue stick to attach a piece of card stock to the back of the glass before gluing the magnet.) Allow to dry for 24 hours for best results.

If this sounds too complicated or expensive... you can buy 6 magnets for $7 from her shop at!


  1. This is great!! Thank you so much for Sharing your How-To-torial with all of us.


  2. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing :)


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