Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Twitter, and a request

For those who Twitter (tweet tweet), the Etsy Chat Team has a Twitter now!

@EtsyChatTeam !!

Add us. When you have a sale, new posting, promotion, anything you want to share... please @ us!!

Also, currently Misty and Jenn (heathenshearth and jupita) are running the Blogspot, Twitter, & Ning. If you would like to help the team by running the Twitter account.. please Convo Jupita or Heathenshearth.

If you are interested in doing a weekly post in the Blog, please convo Heathenshearth or Jupita and let us know you are interested, and what you would like to bring to the blog!!

It was suggested that we have a "Team Shop". I will look into the ins and outs, and speak more with heathenshearth in the days upcoming in regards to this. The who, whats and hows all have to be figured out before we take this project on!!




  1. Awesome sauce, thanks for all the hard work, Jenn! We are really moving along!

  2. I will add on Twitter now.... I really need to start going there daily! Find me at

    Thanks for doing this!


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