Thursday, April 15, 2010

Front Page News #1 - PonderandStitch

It seems that everyone wants to make an appearance on the Etsy Front Page, and it made me wonder how much impact being in that coveted spot really makes in terms of views, hearts, warm fuzzy feelings, and of course sales!
Some of our Chat regulars and Team members find their way to the Front Page with such regularity that they are a great resource to ask about the power of the FP. Five of those FP regulars shared their answers to a trio of questions designed to inspire and inform every Etsy seller. We'll look at all their answers in subsequent posts; we're starting with PonderandStitch:

Q. What does having one of your items on the Front Page mean to your shop?
A.  Being on the FP is always truly never gets old! Views skyrocket, as do item hearts and shop hearts. Although my FP items don't always sell, they have sparked interest in the shop and I have gotten many custom orders after being on the FP. My favorite thing, though, is any time I've been on the front page, I have an inbox full of convos from really great Etsy friends congratulating me. It really feels great. :) It's nice to see a little orange 15 next to "conversations" when I log in- what a rush. :)

Q.  Why do you think your items are selected for the FP so often?
A.  I'd like to think my items have been selected for the front page because of clear, crisp photos and good tags - use them all and think of words you would use when searching for something. I'd also think a little of it is just plain luck. ;)

Q.  Any advice for sellers who'd like to increase their chances of being on the Front Page?
A.  Hmmm, if I had to give some advice, it would be to make sure your photos are completely crisp and fairly close-up. Taking a photo from an interesting angle is great, too. Think of the FP items that make you click - model your photos after those ones!

Thank you, PonderandStitch!
Coming up in future posts, answers from mooshoopork, TheExtentofSilence, clearcutcrafts2007 and somavenus


  1. Oh, yay! Thanks for posting this- I still have a lot to learn myself and look forward to everyone else's answers. :)

  2. Great to hear ... thanks for posting this interview from someone who has been there.
    I look forward to reading the up & coming future posts and of
    course looking forward to someday making the front page myself.

  3. Thank you Ponder I've not sought to be on the FP but that won't keep me from making myself eligible!

    Jswrites, once again you came up with a brilliant idea for a post! Can hardly wait for the next one now.


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