Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Front Page News #4 - TheExtentofSilence

Our fourth Team regular on the Front Page is here this time with answers to our standard questions! Let's hear from TheExtentofSilence:
Q. What does having your items on the Front Page mean to your shop?
A.  Being on the front page gets me a lot of views and hearts. And not just for the item that made it to the front page, but for my entire shop. I've also gotten several sales from it, but I wouldn't say that it is a guarantee that you will get sales. After being on the front page I also get included in more treasuries than normal for the next several days.

Q.  Why do you think your items are selected for the FP so often?
A.  I think that it is because I have crisp, clear images and I'm putting my best work out there.

Q.  Any advice for sellers who'd like to increase their chances of being on the Front Page?
A.  Make sure that you have great pictures, participate in chat rooms (you can meet sellers who make treasuries that way), renew items every day, and always do your best to make a high quality product.

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