Friday, April 23, 2010

Front Page News #3 - clearcutcrafts2007

With nearly 2000 sales since opening shop in December 2007, clearcutcrafts2007 has plenty of experience on the Front Page, and with making customers happy. 

Q. What does having your items on the Front Page mean to your shop?
A.  It is a real buzz to find your products on the Front Page. When you handmake you put a bit of yourself into it and you need recognition - be it through sales or publicity - to keep you inspired to keep going and designing. The FP definately gets more hearts and views but extra sales via it I cannot be definate about as I receive regular sales anyway. (Plus I have missed my Front Page appearance a few times ssshhh). The views go up a lot and people then wander through your store and definately other Etsyians because if you go into chat they are the first to say congrats so it means. 1. They are looking and 2. Taking notes on the sellers as they know your name straight away.

Q.  Why do you think your items are selected for the FP so often?
A.  Well I believe it is because my products are multi functional, full of colour with simple white backgrounds putting focus on product, and butterflies are such a lovable item. My butterflies are fairly original and are not as saturated as some other products. Most treasuries seem to be colour co-ordinated and I have over 16 colours and over 200 listings so it makes it easier to match my products into someone's inspiration. PLUS my photos are clear and sharp (in my opinion) and represent my products well.

Q.  Any advice for sellers who'd like to increase their chances of being on the Front Page?
A.  My advice to people is take care with photos, do not make them so busy. I also believe in finding a niche and building it. People like a unique and unusual product to add to their Treasury to set it apart and grab people's eyes. I think there are two categories of people on Etsy, the hobbyist and the business crafter, and my advice is different for each. For business: list often and build an array of products that people will keep coming back to see more. Stand by your craft and price it accordingly. For the hobbyist: make it fun and enjoy it to keep shoppers coming back for unique and interesting things.

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  1. Wonderful interview! I've always admired Clear Cuts shop. Thanks for the advice. I'm looking forward to reading the upcoming interviews with mooshoopork and TheExtentofSilence.

  2. Great interview! I enjoyed learning about Clear Cuts shop and, loving butterflies myself, I'll be a reagular visitor. Thanks for the sound advice!


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