Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Front Page News #2 - somavenus

We're back for the second in our series of chats with Front Page regulars. This time, somavenus is answering the FP questions!

Q. What does having your item on the Front Page mean to you?
A.  Having my items on the front page does wonders for shop hearts and views which I think translates into sales (even if not the same day they are hearting you). I've occasionally gotten a sale while an item is on the front page as well. I usually get a huge hit in views (sometimes in the 1,000s! vs. the usual under 100 a day). It gives me a nice boost of inspiration to keep making new things and improving my photography to try and get more items on the front page!

Q.  Why do you think your items are selected for the FP so often?
A.  The top secret to being on the front page is the have stellar photographs of your work.  Having good photos will land you in treasuries, which will hopefully land you on the front page. It also helps to stay active in the community - forums and chat. One thing I've recently started doing to try to get into more treasuries is to check the treasury clock over at Craftopolis, and when I see a treasury about to end I may renew a few items to keep my shop fresh in treasury curators' eyes :)

Q.  Any advice for sellers who'd like to increase their chances of being on the Front Page?
A.  The advice I can give to being on the front page is to keep fine tuning your photographs.  Look at other treasuries that make it to the front page to get an idea on how to set up your work to photograph. Look for trends. Take amazing photographs and say hello once and a while in the forums and chat. I've also heard good luck with being a regular commenter on other treasuries. Just believe in yourself and stay positive, and you'll make it!

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  1. I love the tip about checking the clock at Craftopolis!
    Timing is sometimes everything!
    Thanks for sharing again!

  2. What a fun interview to do! Thanks so much for including me Judith! I look forward to reading the rest!

  3. Definitely going to check out treasury clock on Craftopolis! Thank you for the advice. I look forward to the day I make FP :-)


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