Friday, June 5, 2009

Chat Team Meeting....

Chat Team Meeting tonight has been postponed. Sorry for the inconvienience.

I have a request:

1. Convo me with your three avaiable time/date combos when you would be most likely to be able to attend a meeting in chat. I will look over them all, and find the time that the most chatters are available. Example: Wed 9pm EST; Friday 10pm EST; Sunday 3pm EST

2. Could everyone CONVO me their ideas for the next few promos:


2kute and JSwrites have a great idea for a sidewalk sale (we all need to figure out time/week/ etc and then we can all run with it.) Jswrites and 2kute, can you convo me all the information about the sidewalk sale?

Sampler Etsy Chatters Team bags?


Send me your ideas..


  1. I like the bag sampler idea. As far as times for meetings, which I assume are online locked chat???-you tell me when and I'll most likely be there.

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