Monday, June 29, 2009

Meet theframedfrog !!

1. Who is The Framed Frog?
Hi, I'm Jeanette. When I taught junior high, my students called me Mrs. "Frogster" because of my obsession with frogs. After having three kids in three years, I switched to staying at home with the tadpoles and eventually started my home art business at the ripe old age of 29ish. Despite my froggilicious name, I have yet to put a froggy item in my shop!

2. What kind of crafting/art do you do? How long have you been doing it?
I paint mostly, detailing photo frames and doing original canvas designs as well. I pretty much paint anything that is paintable. :) And I guess I've been doing art for a long time but only for the past four months or so as a profitable business.

3. Where do you pull your inspiration from?
I am inspired by the daily antics of my kiddies,my friends, and the intensely gorgeous scenery here in Oregon. I also get inspired by quotes and blogs and even TV shows sometimes. My nerdy hubby was the one that inspired the Guitar Hero and Ninja frames, of course. Awesome color combinations can really help me create sometimes too.

4. What is your favorite medium?
I would have to say currently, it's my acrylic paints. Lots and lots of color and texture! And I've been teaching my toddlers to use paints also. The 2-year-old is fantastic at painting couches, tables, and everything else he is not supposed to1 (Including a finished painting for a customer that I ended up having to redo!)

5. Is Etsy your art your full time job, or just an on the side project?
Right now, it's a part-time job, since a 3-year-old, 2-year-old, and a 10-month-old take up a LOT of my time! I am hoping to continue to grow my business so that when the little angels are in school, I will be able to make it my full-time occupation.

6. How did you find Etsy?
Through the blogosphere. I saw the Etsy buttons on several of the blogs I follow and so I decided it would be the best way to test how my art would do selling on the internet.

7. How did you become ADDICTED to Etsy CHAT?
Am I addicted? Okay, yep, I probably am. Once I discovered the chat features on the Etsy site, I quickly realized that this was a way for me to have adult conversation during the day. Instead of bottling it all up and unleashing it on poor hubby at the end of the day, I could get my release in chat and be a somewhat normal and sane person when he got home. Believe me, he's a thankful man! :) I also loved the bond that can be forged with other creative people. I am pretty loyal to my fellow chatters - always looking for the treasuries that they have created and choosing their shops for my purchases.

8. What is your favorite piece that you have done?
Every time I finish a piece, I think that it is my new favorite! :) Right now, it would probably be my Horatio painting. He's just adorable and was a lot of fun to create.

9. What is your favorite Etsy shop (other than yours)?
I went to my favorite shop list and like many of you, it is a mile long! It depends on the item for sure. For jewelry, lately I am particularly fond of Sea Unicorn's shop. White Hope Designs has the most adorable handbags, and I am hoping to spend some money on the kiddies at Oh Bananas and Ummashin's shop. And then there are so many talented artists on Etsy - once I start bringing in more money, I am hoping to have an "Etsy Art Wall" in my home to feature all of my talented friends!

10.Tips for other Artists?
I think the best thing is not to create because you think it will sell. Create because it is something you love and want to make. Also, keep your style distinctive. I love when I see an art piece and know immediately that it is zeropumpkin's because of its quirky and slightly dark style. :)

11.Tell me a Secret about yourself.
I do my best work while watching TV reality shows. Seriously. Many paintings and cute frames were created during America's Next Top Model and The Bachelor. That's how fried my brain cells are, folks!

12. Any parting words of wisdom
Not really. I have a hard time even calling myself an artist, so it feels strange to be giving advice or wisdom to others. It is my relationship with Christ that helps me to be a better wife, mom, and artist. I write about it often at my blog entitled Temporary Insanity (

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