Monday, June 29, 2009

Calling all Chatters Team Members!!


It has been a while since I posted much in the blog.

It is rare that we have all the chatters in the rooms at one time. We are all busy gals and guys!So, I have an idea... instead of a meeting...we will use the BLOG!!

The basics...

Leave a message here regarding your idea for a team wide promo. Give the basic outline of the idea (yard sale, giveaway, team baskets, etc...) In one week I will go through the ideas and make a poll. THEN, the team can vote on the next promo we will do!!

All new team members, Thanks for joining us!! We aill soon become more active..

I am sending a new email to Etsy Admin to have all the newbies added at weeks end as well. So, also post here if you do not see your name yet in the side bar to the right on the BLOG!!



  1. Jupita's Idea: "Sampler Group Boxes"

    Create "sampler" style boxes with 4 (or another #) chatter's shops per box.

    Each "group" member supplies that many items for the boxes. They send each of the participants of their "group" an item. Each member creates a box and lists it in their shop. (same price)


    Jupita creates a Bracelet.
    2kute creates a soap saver.
    Heathenshearth creates a caramel macchiato soap.
    Vintageconfections creates some lollipops.

    Then, Jupita, 2kute, heathenshearth, vintageconfections each sends the other "group" members the item they create (keeping on for their own package.)
    Once items have arrived, they are packaged into the set.. photographed and listed for $XX.XX.

    The listings woulf include a link to each shop in the box too!!

    Include in the package business cards for each shop! Then maybe even a list of other EtsyChatter shops not in the box.. "If you love this Etsy Chatter Sampler, then you may wanna try ";;; etcetcetc)

    Once sold, the member who sold it keeps the proceeds. (because the others who have the same item, will receive the proceeds from their "box")

  2. I think it's a good idea jupita, we def can work on that. :)

  3. I like that idea, Jupita! Very cool...question becomes, how do we figure pricing and then distribution of the money?

    Say I sell a box in my shop. Do I keep the $ for my soap and then paypal money to each of the other participating shops for their portion?

    Either way, I'm diggin it.

    It kinda leads me to an idea I had. I've seen some other teams who have "challenges". I think we should start planning a Halloween/Fall Challenge, where shops come up with a really great item to list in their shop that is Halloween/Fall themed....let's say by October 1st.

    From there we have a vote on our blog where readers can choose their favorite.

    Of course, this is open to discussion and tweaking ;-)

  4. Misty.. In re to mine.. Each shop if the :team" will have the same box listed. So, each shop keeps the funds from their sale.. (Because, once all the boxes have sold.. the same amt will go to each member of that group)

    As for pricing, the individual teams would figure that out on their own..

    I think the Holiday / season themed challenges would be a neat idea too!

  5. I like the giveaways myself. they are fun and you get to know a shop and person that way. but i am really liking yalls ideas too!

  6. Jenn....the only concern I have with that is what if only 1 of the 4 boxes sell? Then only one person gets moolah...which doesn't seem fair. Know what I mean, Vern? lol

  7. Misty..
    That is true, that maybe only one would sell.

    We can hammer out those details too, if we decide to use this idea as one of our future promos..

  8. Sounds like a nice idea. Should we just convo people in the chat team to see who would be interested in making a sample box with each of us? Errrr, or, should people get together as they reply to this blog? I'll keep checking in.

  9. Bohemeanne..

    This blog post is to brainstorm ideas. We will then take each idea.. put it into a poll and vote on which idea to use..

    No convoing others about my suggestion yet.

    If we decide to use it, as a promo later on.. We will set up a new blog post to get volunteers for the boxes.. Then, figure out how to coordinate the "groups"

  10. Love the sampler box idea. We could also offer something like that as giveaway maybe?

    I'm always down for a giveaway.

    Welcome new chat team members! :)

  11. I like the giveaways!!!

  12. I like a giveaway or a yard sale!

  13. So, all of you who have said "giveaway" ...

    What kind?

    Would it be something like:

    We have a list of shops and a list of the prize each shop will give?
    Then at the end of XXX weeks, we do a pull for each prize from the posted comments on the blog post?

    or..We create a few gift bags/ baskets? Then Do a blog giveaway of those?
    (ex. send all items to one of the two team leads (heathenshearth / jupita) they compile a couple of bags from the items. Photo, and post on the blog.. Then have members, followers, etc post comments on the blog and we chose for a winner from those after XX weeks)

    another idea?

    Do a game style giveaway.. (I put the comments for the post on private so no one can copy others replies)
    Have a QnA.. or..treasure hunt.. etc.
    after XX amt of days, we(heathenshearth/jupita) lookthrough the replies, find the posters with all correct answers, then draw winners from there?

    What kind of giveaways are we all suggesting?

  14. Love Jupita's idea of creating a "sampler" to sell. Also, really like the giveaway ideas... doing a themed gift basket sounds fun. I'll have to sit and think of some specific ideas to post.

  15. I also like the idea of a team wide sale...I think 2kute and jswrites were talking about a sidewalk sale...I think that's a cool idea.

    Maybe we can plan a weekend sale in August. I know a lot of people are doing Christmas in July thing, so I think we should definitely wait until that's over.

    All team members who want to participate could decide what sort of sale they want to run (i.e. free shipping, 10% store-wide, 25% off orders over $50, etc etc).

    After we get a list of who is participating and what their sale is, we can put together a blog post listing them in alphabetical order (or maybe even sorted by craft). Everyone can put it in their shop announcement with a link back to the blog post. We can all separately promote the Team sale using blogger, twitter, facebook, etc...whatever you use.

    If we have any graphic artist members we can have them create a sale avatar, etc.

  16. Thanks for remembering, Misty! Here's the "How would it work?" part of my original blog post about a team-wide Chat-a-thon / Sell-a-thon from the end of May:

    - Select one weekend (Friday evening to Sunday night, Etsy time) when every participating shop would have a promotion of some sort - BOGO, free shipping, gift with purchase, percent off, gift wrapping - whatever works best for the individual shop.
    - We promote the heck out of the weekend, with threads on the forums, posts on team members' individual blogs, Tweets and Ning messages flying across the internet, Treasuries made to highlight the team and participating shops, and (something no other team ever does), maintaining a chat room about the fun, all weekend long.
    - Participating shops, and other Team members, each 'adopt' an hour or more during the weekend to be responsible for Etsy-based promotion during their designated time. I'll have opened a chat room and Etsy forum threads, but as we know, chat rooms can die if they're not active, and forum threads fall off the main page if they don't get attention, so there needs to be a conversation going on there too, in both the Teams and Promotions categories. The forum and our Team blog would be another way to list all the participating shops, with their links.

  17. Great guys and gals..

    So far we are going great with brainstorming!! LEt's keep it going. In a few days we will make a poll and vote on which we are going to do!!

  18. I like the themed basket giveaway idea. We can list certain themes and see who all replies that they have items to fit each one.

    Can't we set up a separate account on etsy for the team? Such as...Etsy Chatters shop, and that shop would have specific people who can run it, and list the sample product baskets, or specials that people are working on together. I know that holistically heather had a link to the vegan sampler bag that was a shop specifically for that item. Whoever would run the shop would just recieve the merchandise from the people participating.

  19. I love this idea and would like to join in on what ever giveaway end up doing.

  20. I like the themed baskets as well as the yard-sale style thing. that means more people will probably participate because it's an event where they can pick the discount in their shop.


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