Saturday, May 1, 2010

Front Page News #5 - mooshoopork

The last in this series of questions for Team members whose items regularly grace the Etsy Front Page is mooshoopork! Here's what she had to say for herself about life on the FP.
Q.  What does having your items on the Front Page mean to your shop?
A.  Having an item for me on the FP = views, hearts and occasionally some requests or else random  and oddly creative fan mail to me or my dolls :)

JS notes: Just as I finished posting this, there were mooshoopork's pretty blue eggs, on the Front Page!

Q.  Why do you think your items are selected for the FP so often?
A.  The only reason I think is possibly my photos are clean and simple and I have different colored things as well and so they can fit into a lot of different collections well.

Q.  Any advice for sellers who'd like to increase their chances of being on the Front Page?
A.  I think the main thing is photos. People want to see clean crisp photos. That or try sleeping with Etsy Admin. (although I haven't had such an opportunity ;) hehe

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  1. Congrats! I aim to be a front page regular:)

  2. Well done, Mooshoo! I recognized your business name at once and thought, 'wow, I know that shop!'.


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