Tuesday, May 5, 2009

100 follower/ 50$ GC giveaway update

Etsychatters.Blogspot.com has surpassed 100 followers. Now, we want to thank you!

First Prize: a 50$ Gift Certificate to use at a participating shop from Etsy Chatters Team (can be split into two $25 GC to use in two shops)

Second Prize: a $25 Gift Certificate to use at a participating Etsy Chatters Team shop.

(Gift Certificates not redeemable for cash.)

Now.. Here are the contest rules and such:

1. When we have reached 200 followers OR May 27, 2009(whichever comes first!), we will choose a follower from our list by entering in the number of followers on Random.Org .

2. The Gift Certificates will be funded by the anonymous donors, once the winner(s) have been chosen and let Jupita know what shop(s) he/she wants to shop with, Jupita will notify the shops of the winners intent and let the winner know it is time to go SHOPPING!!!

3. GC CANNOT be exchanged for cash. Any costs above and beyond 50$ are the responsibility of the winner. If you don't use all the 50$, you will not receive the remainder as a cash payout.

What to do to WIN!!

1. Follow this BLOG!! (make sure your settings are such that it shows you dfollow the blog)
2. We will pick a random winner at time specified above (may 27 OR 200 followers) fronm the BLog Follower List.
3. Leave a post here about what you would love to purchase with your 50$ Gift Certificate!!

Simple as that.

Winners will receive a convo or email from Jupita.Etsy.Com letting them know they won, and requesting the name of the participating shop they would like to go on the shopping spree in!! Once the information is received, the GC will be purchased. Jupita will then notify the Winner that they are ready to go shopping!!


So, follow, follow, link, twitter, bring a friend, bring a dozen!!

List of Participating Shops: (will update as more join in!!)

1. www.MIASOPHIA.etsy.com -Beautiful Jewelry
2. www.DropsofJupita.etsy.com -sculptures, paintings, and more
3. www.Jupita.etsy.com - upcycled jewelry, journals, games, etc.
4. www.Danilykewoah.etsy.com -Knitted Goodies and Patterns
5. www.BALANCED.etsy.com -Amazing Jewelry
6. www.WINEMAKERSSISTER.etsy.com -Handmade Cards, Rubberstamps and more
7. www.VANTIANI.etsy.com -Collaged Goodies
8. www.LITTLEBOPEEPKNITS.etsy.com -Handpainted wool yarns and more
9. www.BOHEMEANNE.etsy.com -Amazing beaded accessories, jewelry and knitwear
10. www.CHROMASMEAR.etsy.com -Digital Collages, Shop banners and business cards, and more
11. www.HEARTSABUSTIN.etsy.com - Vintage and handmade jewelry
12. www.SASSYFRAZZLE.etsy.com buttons, accessories, jewelry and more
13. www.2KUTE.etsy.com - Crochet Goodies
14. www.SOJOURNCURIOSITIES.etsy.com -Victorian & Steampunk Inspired Sculpted Wire Jewelry
15. www.BLUENOSTALGIA.etsy.com -Elegant jewelry to add a sparkle
16. www.KristaLawhon.etsy.com -Upcycled Totes, Jewelry and more
17. www.DOUBLEDIPPEDSWEETS.etsy.com - Delicious treats for that sweet tooth
18. www.STITCHESOFTHEPAST.etsy.com Modern and Historical handmade clothing
19. www.HolisticallyHeather.etsy.com -Vegan friendly cloth pads, ribbon and yummy treats
20. www.thejewelrydream.etsy.com - Jewelry, Guitar picks, and more
21. www.FANCIFULFORM.etsy.com -Amazing handsculpted home and body decor
22. www.AKKRICKET.etsy.com -Sea glass, jewelry and then some!
23. www.VEGANSAMPLES.etsy.com -Vegan Sampler Goodie Bags
24. www.AUNTIEDIS.etsy.com -Soy Candles and Funky cool jewels
25. www.thewashhousestudio.etsy.com -Folk art and Fine art
26. www.queenbee92026.etsy.com -Jewelrym, Accessories and more
27. www.vireo.etsy.com -Handpainted wonders
28. www.HEATHENSHEARTH.etsy.com - Soap so good, you wanna EAT it
29. www.littleheathens.etsy.com -Everything you need for a clean little heathen!
30. www.ARTFULGOODIES.etsy.com -Unique Jewelry and goodies
31. www.wallexpress.etsy.com -Amazing Artwork
32. www.ORIONSTARS.etsy.com -Smell it like it is, amazing oils and more.
33. www.copeland89.etsy.com -Fine Art Prints, polaroids and more!
34. www.EclecticDiana.etsy.com -Tasty Teas, Aromas and more
35. www.mommiedidit.etsy.com - Custom Embroidery, sewing and more.
36. www.froggyfibers.etsy.com - Wonderful Handspun Fiber and more
37. www.littlepapoose.etsy.com -whimsical and fun creations.
38. www.mooshoopork.etsy.com -collectable or for play handpainted wooden cuties!
39. www.AtlanticCoastArt.etsy.com -lovely beaded jewelry and handmade cards
40. www.CowLickCutie.etsy.com -hairbows, clippies and more!
41. www.Bowquet.etsy.com - Adorable hairbows
42. www.Heartsabustin.etsy.com -delightful jewelry
43. www.Suebeebuzz.etsy.com -custom dreamcatchers, salves, seaglass and more
44. www.KnitsYoursKnotMine.etsy.com -patterns and knitted wares!
45.www.everimprovingme.etsy.com - storage bags, etbags, and more sewn awesomeness
46. www.HandCraftedByKaren.etsy.com - Crocheted goodies and candles
47. www.cappysue.etsy.com - Amazing Artwork!
48. www.sparklerocks.etsy.com - because every girl needs some SpaRkLe!
49. www.NemesisProductions.etsy.com - Soapy goodness, photos and more.

Chatters Team Shops. Please let me know via REPLY to this if you want to be one of the shops participating in the giveaway. Keep in mind, you will receive payment for the 50$ GC from the "donor".


  1. YAY!! Dropsofjupita.etsy.com and Jupita.Etsy.Com will participate in the giveaway!!

    Good luck all you followers!!

  2. This is so exciting!! :D
    Will you let us know when we should put up the GC listing?
    Er, maybe I'll just do it now and always offer them...
    I'm a genius!

  3. If I won $50 I'd probably spend it all at Double Dipped Sweets. haha.

    If the winner wants to spend in more than 1 shop, is it going to be possible to split up the $50? That way more than 1 shop gets a sale, too!

  4. I have an incredible sweet tooth, and I would totally hide in a safe place in my house and devour the tie dye dipped oreo cookies, & buy a gift basket to share with the hubs & the kids from Double Dipped Sweets!

  5. Hey sista...add me to it. Actually, add both :)


  6. What a fun contest! I would have a blast discovering new shops!

  7. If I won I would spend it at Holistically Heather I think. Cute pillows and ouchies. Fun giveaway!

  8. If I won I would spend my GC at the Heathens store...
    soap and more soap hahahhahahah

  9. I'd spend it at Heathen's Hearth, and maybe even Little Heathens for something for my nephew.

  10. I don't know if I'd be able to decide where to spend it if I won! :)

  11. I'd probably have to go with something from Balanced of Miasophia's store though... Very pretty jewellery!

  12. Oh so many great choices! I'd either choose Double Dipped Sweets or Heathen's Hearth! Although there is some great art and jewelry and so much more!

  13. realitybbq*AT*gmail*DOT*com

    There is an item I'd like to buy (Spring Lavender Pearl Cuff @ Balanced) but my fat wrists are too big... so instead I'll choose, from Balanced, Lure Earrings & Lavender Fields Bracelet.

    Thank you!

  14. I'd probably spend it at Heathen's Hearth... That's a lot of soap though! I'd like it if we could split the GC up too.

  15. I'd have a few shops that I'd have to choose from. I'd love candles, soap, or candies, so it would probably be either Heathen's, AuntiDis, or DoubleDipped.

  16. looking amongst these shops, i found that i got really excited browsing heathensheart and littlehethens. i love soaps and scrubs and smell good stuffs. mmmm i could smell each flavor just thinking about them. so id have to buy stuff from there.

    and if were able to split the GC into diff shops, id ahve to of course support my favorite upcycled giftcard jewlery maker- jupita. her stuff is just too cute and she donates all the money to a great cause!!

  17. Lean, you are so great!! =-)

    and heathensheart/littleheathens has AMAZING stuff. I LOVE her soap **drool**

  18. This will be fun! What great shops the winner has to choose from!!

  19. Oh this is amazing :D
    I now follow AND with my gift certificate, I would buy myself handspun yarn because I need to make myself something nice!
    I would also reserve some for a nice piece of upcycled jewelry!
    Good luck with the 200 followers!!

  20. littlepapoose.etsy.com & mooshoopork.etsy.com
    would love to participate in this giveaway as well :)

    good luck to all who enter !!

  21. I am now a follower. Can`t wait!!!

  22. I am following, and it is a very hard decision, between all of these wonderful shops...Heathens Hearth, Sojourn, Miasophia, or Blue Nostalga....

  23. If I won I'd definetly have to split is up to 2 $25 GCs - one for Double Dipped sweets (I shamelessly annouce that I LOVE sweets!) and the other I'd use at Blue Nostalgia (I followed her blog link here, plus I love her jewelry anyway!)
    Thanks!! vancy31[at]gmail[dot]com

  24. If I won, I SHOULD get some business cards made @ CHROMASMEAR..but what I would probably do is buy sweets from DOUBLEDIPPEDSWEETS...maybe I'd only be half bad and split the winnings between the two :)
    Thnaks for the chance,

  25. I would definitely buy from BlueNostalgia or FanciFulForm. It would be a hard one..I might have to do 2, $25 GC! You girls rock!

    Ariela (reallybadkitty.ety.com)

  26. atlanticcoastart.etsy.com would love to be a part of this giveaway! I do so love the Chat Team. :)


  27. Annnd if I won, I'd want something from HeathensHearth (because I lust after, uh, everything in their shop!) and/or copeland89, because I've had my eye on a few of her prints (especially the beachy ones)!


  28. This is so exciting! I can't wait to see who gets picked.

  29. I am following now!! I have no clue what I would want to spend the 50 bucks on! I love all the shops! I would prefer to split it up and get atleast 1 thing from each!! haha! Sign me up please!


  30. Thanks for having the contest! I think I'd get soy candles. Maybe. So many great items to choose from, so I don't know!

  31. Wow so many amazing shops - gorgeous jewelry, yummy soaps, fabulous candles & oils, beautiful artwork, etc!
    I would be so torn, but I think I am leaning towards the lovely handspun yarns at Froggy Fibers. Leaves of Fall is just so beautiful!


  32. I'd spend it on either miasophia or blue nostalgia. great giveaway!!

  33. I would spend it in froggyfibers shop!!! i want to be on the team i chat with yall all the time how do i join?

  34. Wow! Everything looks phenomenal...narrowing it down is quite the challenge. But heathenshearth and wallexpress are my 2 faves...

  35. cant deciede love so many of the shops on here. lord I would go on such the shopping spree

  36. I am so excited that you are all joining us!!

  37. Wow! So hard to choose! I really admire FancifulForm's work and would probably choose one of her lovely sculptures. Or maybe a bunch of a lovely bath and body products from HeathensHearth! :)

  38. Oh how fun! I'd love to participate. :)

  39. What a great giveaway! I'd love to particiapte! I guess I'd go with some jewelry from Heartsabustin or perhaps some soap from heathenshearth!

  40. I've got to jump on this bandwagon! Thank you anon for such a delightful donation.

    If I win I'd probably get myself a lot of tea and yarn. I'd be in heaven <3

    Manifesteddreams (at) yahoo (dot) com

  41. I love the rings from fancifulform! So pretty!
    justformeandyou2 at gmail dot com

  42. Wow, so many great shops! I am a SAHM of two little ones, so I rarely get time to make myself look nice. I think some jewelry would be just the ticket! :)

  43. I would love some new jewelery!

  44. I think I would have a hard time choosing between some delightful teas, new yarn with which to knit and some tasty treats to eat.

    Hmmm...lots of browsing to do through some shops that are new to me. Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  45. If I won, I would spend all of it at www.AUNTIEDIS.etsy.com -Soy Candles and Funky cool jewels. I love all of her 16 0z. candles. cdziuba@aol.com

  46. I follow! cdziuba@aol.com Thanks for the chance to win

  47. I am a new follower and if I won I would definitely spend it all on the Double Dipped Sweets site for my children's end of the year party. Congratulations on the 100 followers!

  48. I would love to spend it at cowlick cutie or double dipped sweets

  49. It's SO tough to pick a favorite...this beautiful work is just so unique! I really do love the Bird and Word WOODEN Hand Stamped Pendant with Ball Chain from Artful
    Goodies' Etsy Shop.
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  50. I am following your blog.
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  51. I love the jewelry of Balanced, but I also like Blue Nostalgia, so it would be one of those or both!


  52. I just had a blast looking thorugh all these shops! I would love to try a vegan sample bag! thanks for the chance~ Abi at monkeytreecreations dot com

  53. i`d love to buy stuff from miasophia and balanced!

    nicolemarielum at gmail.com

  54. Hello I would surely buy a beautiful dragonfly necklace from Blue Nostalgia's shop and then some soy candles from Auntie Di's De-Lite.
    thanks for this awesome giveaway


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