Friday, May 22, 2009

Let's meet DingsInsainity

1. Who is DingsInsainity?
Dingsinsainity is the brain child of a one man band named Emma who is a messy painter, eccentric drawer and somewhat insane cat lover.

2. What kind of crafting/art do you do? How long have you been doing it?
I mainly focus on drawing and painter which I have done since a very young child (mainly on the walls back then) but I also love to knit and sew and am always finding great fun in trying new things (the messier the better).

3. Where do you pull your inspiration from?
Other people are my main inspiration but things I see walking around and music are also a huge stimulus for me.

4. What is your favorite medium?
Oh that is a difficult one, I absolutely love finding new mediums, weird and wonderful ones produce some of the most fantastic work. For example of couple of years ago I made a corset entirely from sweet wrappers. I do find pencil and paper to be a trusty old friend now though that feels like second nature.

5. Is Etsy your art your full time job, or just an on the side project?
At the moment it has to share my time with my day job but I live in hope that one day I can proudly say my art is my full time job 

6. How did you find Etsy?
My Mum was already a seller for a while on here before I joined and she had recommended it and one day I took the plunge and I’ve been addicted ever since.

7. How did you become ADDICTED to Etsy CHAT?
I stubbled into the chat room the day I joined Etsy, at the time I had just finished college and was also (sadly) unemployed so had plenty of time on my hands and I was hooked within 5 minuets.

8. What is your favorite piece that you have done?
I’m not sure I could pick, the time and sometimes agony that goes into getting the piece how I like it is so different with each one and no piece is ever the same and I have never to this day hated doing any of the pieces I have but I think I would have to say custom pieces I do are my favourite as they are something somebody else has challenged me to do.

9. What is your favorite Etsy shop (other than yours)?
Oh there are so many great ones but I think I would have to go with AshleyG!

10.Tips for other Artists?
Never ever loose your enthusiasm, even if there are no sales, no new readers on blogs, don’t loose your enthusiasm because then you need to ask yourself if you’ve lost the essence of why you love creating what your creating?

11.Tell me a Secret about yourself.
I ate ice cream for breakfast this morning hehe

12. Any parting words of wisdom?
Nothing big happens overnight!

and now the giveaway!!

Winner will choose a print of their choice from DingsInsainity!!
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  1. WElcom Ding... Enjoy your blogfeature this week!!

    (P.S. I like the elephant piece)

  2. Aw thankyou NOtQuitePhotoJENic :)

  3. What a fun, eclectic artist you are~ going to check you out now~

  4. I'd eat ice cream for every meal if I could! Nice write up!

  5. I like this little guy:



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