Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chat-a-thon / Sell-a-thon

Etsy Chatters Team member 2kute's idea for a Team sidewalk sale has inspired the notion of a weekend-long Sell-a-thon, and Chat-a-thon to go with it. Please plan to attend the Chatters Team meeting Friday June 5 at 8 pm Eastern time to learn more, or contact Jupita.


  1. yay, this is gonna be so cool.

    whatever wkend gets picked the most, is ok for me, I am available, esty is my full time job.
    and yes, yes... lets chat... I can keep chat going for an hour ehehhe
    how fun can work be?

  2. This is such a fun idea! I think the best weekend for me would be 6/26-6/28. I will be in the process of moving/packing/house hunting during a lot of that time though, so I don't think I can commit to an hour. (Just in case - I don't want to be the one that loses it!) I'll defintely promote in as many ways as possible!

  3. I'll participate as a shop with a free item with purchase sale.

    Whatever weekend you guys pick is fine by me, I'll make it work. I won't know if I can donate a full hour, but I can definitely be in and out the whole weekend.

  4. 26-28 would be best for me. I'll be out of town and afc for the 2 weekends before.


    I'll have to talk to misty and see about the rest though.


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