Monday, May 18, 2009

Update on the Giveaway!!

Welcome to our new followers!!

We are just 7 followers shy of chosing our TWO giveaway winners!

Once we reach 200 followers (or may 27) we will be randomly choosing TWO followers to win a GREAT prize.

Winner #1 will receive a $50 Gift Certificate to one of our participating EtsyChatters Team shops. (can be used in ONE shop - OR - Divided into two $25 G.C. to be used in TWO shops)

Winner #2 will receive a $25 Gift Certificate to one of our participating Etsy Chatters Team shops.

So, FOLLOW the blog. Get to reading and visiting our shops.

You have a bit of time left (maybe).

Now.. Here are the contest rules and such:

1. When we have reached 200 followers OR May 27, 2009(whichever comes first!), we will choose a follower from our list by entering in the number of followers on Random.Org .

2. The Gift Certificates will be funded by the anonymous donors, once the winner(s) have been chosen and let Jupita know what shop(s) he/she wants to shop with, Jupita will notify the shops of the winners intent and let the winner know it is time to go SHOPPING!!!

3. GC CANNOT be exchanged for cash. Any costs above and beyond 50$ are the responsibility of the winner. If you don't use all the 50$, you will not receive the remainder as a cash payout.

What to do to WIN!!

1. Follow this BLOG!! (make sure your settings are such that it shows you dfollow the blog)
2. We will pick a random winner at time specified above (may 27 OR 200 followers) fronm the BLog Follower List.
3. Leave a post here about what you would love to purchase with your 50$ Gift Certificate!!

So, follow, follow, link, twitter, bring a friend, bring a dozen!!

List of Participating Shops: (will update as more join in!!)

1. -Beautiful Jewelry
2. -sculptures, paintings, and more
3. - upcycled jewelry, journals, games, etc.
4. -Knitted Goodies and Patterns
5. -Amazing Jewelry
6. -Handmade Cards, Rubberstamps and more
7. -Collaged Goodies
8. -Handpainted wool yarns and more
9. -Amazing beaded accessories, jewelry and knitwear
10. -Digital Collages, Shop banners and business cards, and more
11. - Vintage and handmade jewelry
12. buttons, accessories, jewelry and more
13. - Crochet Goodies
14. -Victorian & Steampunk Inspired Sculpted Wire Jewelry
15. -Elegant jewelry to add a sparkle
16. -Upcycled Totes, Jewelry and more
17. - Delicious treats for that sweet tooth
18. Modern and Historical handmade clothing
19. -Vegan friendly cloth pads, ribbon and yummy treats
20. - Jewelry, Guitar picks, and more
21. -Amazing handsculpted home and body decor
22. -Sea glass, jewelry and then some!
23. -Vegan Sampler Goodie Bags
24. -Soy Candles and Funky cool jewels
25. -Folk art and Fine art
26. -Jewelrym, Accessories and more
27. -Handpainted wonders
28. - Soap so good, you wanna EAT it
29. -Everything you need for a clean little heathen!
30. -Unique Jewelry and goodies
31. -Amazing Artwork
32. -Smell it like it is, amazing oils and more.
33. -Fine Art Prints, polaroids and more!
34. -Tasty Teas, Aromas and more
35. - Custom Embroidery, sewing and more.
36. - Wonderful Handspun Fiber and more
37. -whimsical and fun creations.
38. -collectable or for play handpainted wooden cuties!
39. -lovely beaded jewelry and handmade cards
40. -hairbows, clippies and more!
41. - Adorable hairbows
42. -delightful jewelry
43. -custom dreamcatchers, salves, seaglass and more
44. -patterns and knitted wares! - storage bags, etbags, and more sewn awesomeness
46. - Crocheted goodies and candles
47. - Amazing Artwork!
48. - because every girl needs some SpaRkLe!
49. - Soapy goodness, photos and more.
50. personalized childrens tea sets!

What would YOU buy?? hmmmm...

(Not redeemable for cash. Winners will be contacted by Jenn (Jupita.Etsy.Com / notquitephotojenic). The winners will choose the shop(s) they want to redeem their certificate in. Shop will be notified and paid from the EtsyChattersGiveaway donors. Then winner will get the go-ahead for shopping! Anything above and beyond the award amount is the responsibility of the winner(s))

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  1. i think i would get the
    White and multicolored scarflette from everimprovingme

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com


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