Sunday, May 31, 2009

Etsy Chatters Team MTG =-)

Hi there Chatters.

I would like to schedule a meeting in CHAT for Friday June 5th 8pm Eastern!

It is to discuss ideas, promos, etc.

It is great that the team are getting together and making these suggestions, promo ideas, etc.

~See you in CHAT~ "Etsy Chat Team"


  1. i will do my best to be there.. good thing its at 8 gives me time to do the sneak attack at

  2. =-) nice. Well, once we get a few ideas churning.. and get the excellent Idea from 2kute and JSwrites solidified, I will post the meeting info on the blog!! Just in case you all cant make it.

  3. I'm always in the cha... Shouldn't be a problem

  4. i'd love to be there but fridays are not possible until MUCH later. I look forward to participating in what you all decide~

  5. Oh I don't think I can join:(


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