Thursday, May 14, 2009

How To-torials!!

Hi Etsy Chatters and Followers!

This week there has been a poll posted on the right side bar. It was requesting input on what kind of HOWtos you would like to see on the blog.. So far.. SOAP MAKING is in the lead.

So, you have the rest of today to vote..

In the meantime.. Etsy Chatters whole create soapy goodness... Reply to me and let me know who would like to do a pictorial, how to for the blog.. on SOAP MAKING!! Something simple, that your everyday crafter can try their hand at. =-)

Chat with you real soon!


  1. Hey lady...I can do a soapy goodness simple tutorial on M&P soaps :).


  2. How about a tutorial on a crazy doll?? I'm partial to dolls, but I'm always open to learn new, fun things.


  3. Misty!! WOOOOO!!! Awesome.. Get to creating for me doll.. <3


    Georgina.. Do you mean like.. sculpted dolls (art dolls) If so, I can do one of those (even though I dont Etsy Sell em!)

  4. I can do a doll tutorial, if you want, or some kind of sewing thing! I wanna candle tutorial!! yea baby!


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